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Every Day Is Halloween - Part 1

Posted Andrea P Fashion Halloween Lifestyle Style

Halloween is my favorite holiday! It’s a day that you can be anyone you want to be. Why limit yourself to one day a year to express the essence of you? You can let your true self shine all year long and celebrate Halloween everyday! Do you love a good scare? Do you enjoy things that go bump in the night? Let Cats Like Us help you share your love of the creepy and kooky with the Everyday is Halloween Collection of our website! We carry spooky merchandise year round! Witchy Woman Brew up a brand new outfit with these...

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Halloween is Here!

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Fashion Halloween

 It's 93 days till Halloween and we've already been getting in some 'treats' to tickle your spooky bone. We absolutely love Halloween at Cats Like Us (Did you know the owners, Julie Ann and Andrew got married on Halloween!?), so we're all buzzing with excitement and anticipation as more and more products will be trickling in! Cats and bats and kewpie's, oh my! Did I just say kewpie's?! Yes, Sourpuss Clothing has put out the most adorable kewpie doll art. There is the Lil Devil Kewpie Doll Sweater in a beautiful light turquoise, the oh-so-soft Lil Bones Kewpie Doll Scoop T-Shirt and a...

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The Great Pumpkin Farm: One of WNY's Fall Holiday Treasures

Posted Andrew Davis Halloween Local

I consider fall to be the nicest time of year in Western New York (WNY), where Cats Like Us is located. As the season changes the days get cooler and the leaves turn a rainbow of autumn colors. Halloween and then Thanksgiving are not far off. Apples and pumpkins are in season and I can't seem to get my fill of apple cider.   The Great Pumpkin (Farm) This area has a few hidden gems that open seasonally, and one that is not too far out in the suburb of Clarence NY is The Great Pumpkin Farm (GPF). What has...

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Only 133 days till Halloween - time to start planning!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Halloween Lifestyle

I love to dress in theme, which may be why my favorite holiday is Halloween. This is the time of year I start planning my costume (only 133 daysuntil Halloween)... yes I plan this early! Most of my friends love Halloween too, so there's lots of costume parties and dances to attend. The past few years Andrew and I have been putting together couples' costumes, and every other year we switch who gets to choose the theme. Let me share with you some past costumes.... 2014 Logan 5 and Jessica 6 from Logan's Run, a classic 1970s sci-fi movie, that...

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Monster Matt Monday : Munster, Go Tiki!

Posted Andrew Davis Halloween Lifestyle

Another Monster Matt installment from Ha-Ha! Horror (soon to be a book!) Munster, Go Tiki!   You can haunt MonsterMatt on the web: Ha-Ha! Horror Shop Monster Matt's joke book Come on back to the Cats Like Us blog for the last Monday of every month for some more MonsterMatt madness!   -Andrew

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