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LBD Halloween Costumes & More!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Halloween

This Halloween season is sure to be different for everyone. Maybe you don't want to invest in a costume because you're not sure if you're dressing up? Shop your closet! Grab that Little Black Dress and make a costume!!!! BUT if you don't want to do that, I have some ideas for retro costumes too.

We think owning a Little Black Dress is so important that we have a whole collection on our website dedicated to them! Let's start with the basic LBD costumes. (I'll be using dresses from our website to give you an idea of what I'm thinking, but you may have some of these silhouettes already in your closet.)


You can be a witch and wear anything, but to really make a point (pun intended) wear a black dress and pointy hat. I like this 1940s Black Velvet Detail Shirt

Dress for a witch costume.


The Wicked Witch of the West says, "I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too! Why? Because I like dogs as much as cats." Green face paint optional.

Audrey Hepburn

 Audrey is iconic, but her Breakfast at Tiffany's Dress is truly an iconic dress. This 1960s Black Ruffle Maxi Dress gives off the right vibes. Pair it with large sunglasses, a chunky pearl necklace (or multiple pearl necklaces), long black gloves, cigarette holder, and little tiara and you're good to go!


Black Cat

Again you can really wear anything black and add black cat ears, but we think this aptly named Black Kitty Cat Jumpsuit fits the bill purrrfectly!


(My cat Vicktor Frankenstein for reference.)

Masquerade Ball

Maybe you have a LBD that has some embellishments on it like the 1950s LBD with Silver Bow? If not you can always add a blingy brooch or necklace! Add a sparkly masquerade mask and gloves and it's an easy costume!


Grim Reaper

This deadstock 1950s Black Caplet Dress can be transformed ~ the caplet can translate into mini hood and you can be the harbinger of death. Just add a scythe and a little skull makeup! I can guarantee you'll be the fanciest reaper around!



This plus size rich black velvet 1940s Large Collar Dress would make a wonderful vampire costume. It balances the velvety softness with angled shoulder pads, dramatic collar, and cold rhinestone embellishments reminiscent of Dracula's medallion. Just add some vampy makeup.


Lydia Deetz

Feeling like your whole life is a dark room? One big dark room? Channel your inner Beetlejuice Lydia with this 1950s Long Sleeve Black Shirt Dress. Add a large brimmed hat, gel those bangs, and add a camera....draping black lace optional.


Other ideas...Bat just add wings, Goth just add heavy makeup and over accessorize (I can say this because I'm a goth at heart), Flapper just add heavy makeup feathery headband, and heels. A LBD can go a long way when it comes to costumes!

Some other ideas to consider...

VooDoo Doll with the Arrow Through My Heart Sweater



Celestial Goddess with the Solaris Sun & Moon Dress



Spider with the Charlie Spiderweb Swing Dress


Sabrina Spellman from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina with the Red Ricci Lace Dress




Don't forget the accessories! We have fun mens and ladies hats, pantyhose, crinolines, gloves, and hair ties to complete your Halloween look. For more ideas head over to our Everyday is Halloween Collection.

Happy Haunting!


~Julie Ann

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