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Last Minute Halloween Costumes with CLU Vintage!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Halloween Holiday

So when it comes to Halloween costumes, there are people that go all out and start planning in May, and then there's people that throw something together the morning of. Either way, it's cool that you took the time to dress up! This blog is for the procrastinators and people that don't like dressing up in a costume. I call these "Add a Hat" costumes with solid colored outfits. (I'll be using examples from our website that are currently for sale too -- just click the image to see the item on the website!) Add a Devil horn headband to a red...

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Sweet Heart Pin Up Halloween Sets 2023!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Behind the scenes Crafts & home Fashion Halloween Local

I'm so honored to be surrounded by talented business owners on our #RetroBlockTonawanda, and Sweet Heart Pin Up is the place to be this spooky season!  Destiny ~ the owner ~ encouraged me to take advantage of her Halloween special to showcase a few pieces from our Everyday is Halloween Collection. They fit so nicely into her set designs! Day of the Dead Skull Dress  Stock Photo Styled Photo Dress in the Barbie Coffin Set   Snuggly Skeleton Cardigan  Stock Photo Styled Photo Cardigan in the Macabre Manor Set Solaris Sun & Moon Cardigan & Misty Moon Velvet Skirt Stock Photo Styled Photos   Cardigan &...

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2022 Cats Like Us Gift Guide!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Holiday

Holiday time is here again! Shopping for the holi-DAZE can be overwhelming, but we will try to make it easy with a few conventional and unconventional ideas! Holiday Gift Guide Consider these ideas for the little gifts for mom, dad, gram, gramps, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, co-workers, mail carrier and more! Classic Holiday jewelry -- whether it is snowmen or reindeer, we have it ~ and it's always a hit! You can get super Christmas-y like this vintage wreath brooch or, just winter-y with a pair of reindeer earrings. Holiday jewelry covers all budgets too, starting at only $4! We also have...

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Halloween Costume Inspiration!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Halloween Style Vintage

If you know me, you know I'm always thinking about Halloween. It's a lifestyle and I truly feel like you can make anything a costume if you're so inclined! Here's a few ideas I have using our current inventory at Cats Like Us... TV & Movies Feeling like you need to SPARKLE like Neely? Join the Valley of the Dolls in this 1960s number.     This dress Geraldine Shirt Dress gives me Agent Peggy Carter vibes, just add a red fedora!   Looking for a low-key gender swap costume? How about Dr. Strange! Just check out that collar!   Gotta love...

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11 Ways to Wear a Brooch!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Fashion Style

With Covid and wearing a mask, I find myself reaching more for necklaces and brooches, than earrings. What I often forget is that there are many ways to wear a pin or brooch and here are some examples with pictures taken from the shop and my real life outfits! #1 On a sweater. This is the classic look. Place it near your shoulder, but above your boob, please. (We blogged about this before.)  #2 On your collar. If you're wearing a collared shirt and Peter Pan collar dress, why not put a contrasting brooch on it!? Instant different look! #3...

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Cats Like Us Explores Jamestown, NY!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Lifestyle Local

Andrew and I like that Buffalo, NY is centrally located to take road trips. Last year we had planned a trip to Jamestown, NY, which is about an hour and a half south of Buffalo... and then pandemic hit! We decided to go last month, but I had the flu. They say, third times a charm right? Last week we finally ventured on our weekend getaway. Unfortunately some of the places we had originally planned to visit last year are now closed permanently or have not reopened yet, but we did hit the big name ones. "Why go to Jamestown?" Well...

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Easy Halloween ideas... Tropical Style!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Crafts & home Fashion Halloween Tiki

It's Halloween---oops I mean October! Some of us get pretty excited about this time of year... I'm here to get you inspired for a Halloween costume using what you may already have in your wardrobe! I've written about it before with a Little Black Dress Halloween Costumes, our striped Houdini Dress, Halloween with Vintage Clothing, Halloween with Retro Classics. A staple wardrobe piece in any vintage lover's closet is the tropical button down shirt. What ever you call it ~ a Hawaiian shirt, aloha shirt, tiki shirt, hang ten, or island shirt ~ it's a classic and can be found in any size in so...

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Slip into it!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Cats Fashion Pinup Style Vintage

I was chatting with some customers and they asked me why anyone would ever wear a slip. I'm going to let you in on a little secret...I wear slips! I've worn them since I was a young girl and I still wear them depending on the dress I have on. Let me tell you about the kinds of slips there are and why you might think about wearing one! I'm not going to cover all the foundation garments ~ shapewear, and crinolines have been covered in past blogs ~ slips offer a different kind of layering. The full slip has a attached bust and...

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Suffering From Elvis Disease? An Elvis Bust is Your Cure!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Art Crafts & home Halloween Lifestyle Local Tiki

I always say that Cats Like Us brings people together and I am very lucky to have met Derek Hendrickson one of the first days that Cats Like Us opened it's doors! He's the creator of Suffering From Elvis Disease, aka maker of satirical Elvis busts. About ten years ago we had him selling busts for an in-store event and I wanted to check in on him and see what's new in the world of Elvi, so here's a little interview... Can you explain why Elvis busts? Elvis, being the pop culture god that he was/is seemed like a rather easy target for...

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Behind the Scenes: What's With the Name, Cats Like Us?

Posted Andy Davis Behind the scenes

(Original article posted 2011) We are often asked how we came up with the name for the store "Cats Like Us". The short answer is that it's the name of a great song! But the long answer is hopefully a little more interesting.   You can read more about how the store started on our about us page... On that flight back from Las Vegas in 2009 we were pretty fired up about starting the store, lots of ideas buzzing around our heads about what we should do, how to do it, and... what we should call it...    ...

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