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Halloween Costume Inspiration!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Halloween Style Vintage

If you know me, you know I'm always thinking about Halloween. It's a lifestyle and I truly feel like you can make anything a costume if you're so inclined! Here's a few ideas I have using our current inventory at Cats Like Us...

TV & Movies

Feeling like you need to SPARKLE like Neely? Join the Valley of the Dolls in this 1960s number. 


This dress Geraldine Shirt Dress gives me Agent Peggy Carter vibes, just add a red fedora!

Peggy Carter


Looking for a low-key gender swap costume? How about Dr. Strange! Just check out that collar!


Gotta love a feminist horror classic ~ be a Stepford wife! Don't forget the floppy hat and gloves!

Stepford Wives


If you prefer more of a tragic love story, how about Maria from West Side Story? Just add a red ribbon belt and shoes!


Maybe you're more of an independent lady that prefers the company of her Golden Girls? Achieve the look with this dress!


Shine bright as Cinderella, add a black choker, some button earrings and a headband.



Fluff your blonde hair and add a boa to this Pink Pearl Maxi Dress and you've got Superstar Barbie!




Become Jackie O in an effortless chic style! Add a long pendant necklace and thong sandals to complete the look.


Take charge like Rosie the Riveter! This vintage set is truly iconic and mix and match it later!




I always find animals the easiest because all you usually have to do is add ears!

Black Cat (duh) you knew I would include this, you can always just wear an LBD or opt for something a little different ~ a cat print dress. Just add ears!

How about a different cat? A Tiger! Just add ears!

Be a foxy lady in this dress! Just add ears!

Little bugs more your thing? How about it Lady Bug! Just add antenna!

Want to go bigger than a headband with ears or antenna? How about Butterfly wings AND antenna?



Lastly you can't go wrong with the classics...

Any black dress will do for a vampire, but why not switch it up? This even has it's own capelet!

We have a couple silver vintage dress options to make the perfect Space Girl / Astronaut!

Here's a great low-key Red Riding Hood!

Classic Cowgirl is always fun! We have the Birdie Western Shirt and May Swing Skirt you can mix and match with!

Don't forget to check out our Tiki Collection. Tiki is year 'round for us, but you can always make it a Halloween thing too! Best of both worlds! Any Little Black Dress can be a witch costume, and to find all our Halloween Ts and more, shop the Halloween Collection.


~Julie Ann



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