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Cats Like Us is Open To All

Posted Andy Davis

If you know us this will not be a surprise. From day one, Cats Like Us has been #OpenToAll. We believe that when businesses open their doors to the public, they should be Open to All.

Open To All

No one should have to worry about whether they will be denied service or face hostility as they go about their daily lives simply because of who they are. That’s why we took the pledge to:

  • Maintain a welcoming and safe environment for people—including employees, visitors, customers, vendors and clients—regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion and/or disability.
  • Not discriminate against any individuals or deny them goods or services based on any of these characteristics, and to provide goods and services to everyone on the same terms.

~ Julie Ann & Andy


Update 6/4/2020

Cats Like Us has made a pledge to take the following steps to exercise greater compassion and initiate action that helps promote racial justice for Black people as well as all others who are marginalized. Read about it here.

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