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11 Ways to Wear a Brooch!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Fashion Style

With Covid and wearing a mask, I find myself reaching more for necklaces and brooches, than earrings. What I often forget is that there are many ways to wear a pin or brooch and here are some examples with pictures taken from the shop and my real life outfits!

#1 On a sweater.

This is the classic look. Place it near your shoulder, but above your boob, please. (We blogged about this before.) 

#2 On your collar.

If you're wearing a collared shirt and Peter Pan collar dress, why not put a contrasting brooch on it!? Instant different look!

#3 On a necklace.

Change up your necklace and pin the brooch to the necklace. You can even pin it to your top/dress if it's heavy. It's an anchor for your necklace!

#4 On a hat.

We've been putting pins in our hats from the start. Why not pin a brooch there!

#5 On a purse.

This usually works best on a fabric or straw bag.

#6 On a jacket or coat lapel.

Take your business casual to the next level!

#7 In a cluster. Scatter them around.

Did you know - small pins sold together are called scatter pins! But if you don't have a matched set, why not go for a theme instead? How many is best? 3 is the magic number!

#8 Anchor a scarf so it doesn't slide around.

Keep that perfected look all day with no worry your scarf will shift. Use with a thinner scarf and larger broch so you can avoid pinning through the scarf.

#9 At your waist.

Here is a brooch over a fabric belt bow.

#10 As closure.

Pin a sweater together, almost like sweater clips or a button!

#11 In your hair.

This particular flower is a hair flower clip and a brooch.

Bonus! No holes in your clothes

Don't want to make holes in your outfit with a brooch? Use the Magna Magnetic Brooch Holder! It's a no - hole magnetic pin holder that will hold almost any size broch.
I hope this gave you some inspiration! You can shop our over 150+ both vintage and retro brooches here.
~ Julie Ann

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