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Last Minute Halloween Costumes with CLU Vintage!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Halloween Holiday

So when it comes to Halloween costumes, there are people that go all out and start planning in May, and then there's people that throw something together the morning of. Either way, it's cool that you took the time to dress up! This blog is for the procrastinators and people that don't like dressing up in a costume.

I call these "Add a Hat" costumes with solid colored outfits. (I'll be using examples from our website that are currently for sale too -- just click the image to see the item on the website!)

Add a Devil horn headband to a red dress. These are all vintage dresses in Large or XL sizes!


Don't have a red dress? Add devil horns to a blue dress! You know the song from the 1960s "Devil with a Blue Dress On"? Now you do! What's nice is there are so many shades of blue that you can use too!


Add a Witch hat to any black dress or outfit! Your hardest choice will be witch...I mean which ;) black dress to choose! Conveniently, we have a separate LBD Collection for you to peruse.


Don't want to mess up your hair with a Witch Hat? Take your Little Black Dress and add a cat ear headband ~ presto! You're a Black Cat!


Here's some fun vintage nautical pieces from our shop. Just add your red, white, and blue to set sail Sailor! Get one of those cute sailor caps and you're all set.

Maybe you want to dress more for the kiddos? How about Minnie Mouse? Grab those mouse ears and a polka dot dress. (We even have a Mickey crop top if you want to get sexy!)


Are you more of a Barbie Girl? We have lots of pink and purple to make your Barbie dreams a reality! Add a blonde wig for stereotypical Barbie. Here's just a few items to get you inspired...


Not into colorful stuff? Have a gray dress and add gray Mouse ears!

Maybe you like to be seasonal? Grab that orange dress and a Pumpkin Top headband.

Want a whole costume without adding a hat?

How about Snow Queen? (And it's plus size.) You can add a crown, or not! Make it your own.

Living in Buffalo, why not be a Bills Fan? Here's the perfect poncho!

Shop our Tiki Collection and just throw on a Hawaiian dress or shirt. Costume solved!

It's usually pretty easy to dress in the style of an era too. 1940s gangster moll add gloves1950s housewife add an apron, 1960s mod style add tights, 1970s disco queen add a gold chain

Have a Happy Halloween everyone! ~Julie Ann

PS Shop our Everyday is Halloween Collection year 'round for both vintage AND retro kooky spooky finds!

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