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Vintage Easter!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Style

Spring is here and we're taking a step back in time to see how Easter was celebrated in the 1950s!  The Fashion: Easter was a time for family photos wearing matching outfits. Look at all the coordination going on! Mother and daughters in their matching Easter dresses.    The Food: The Easter ham.....with French's Mustard. Can't forget the candy for the Easter baskets! And making a Easter egg cake.  And the Easter Bunny: Hey kids, I would be crying too. Haha! Happy Easter and Merry Spring!!

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AAAAH! What to do and wear at VIVA!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Fashion Lifestyle Music Style Tiki

With VIVA LAS VEGAS ROCKABILLY WEEKENDED less than 2 weeks away, we can't help but notice all the "first time what do I wear/do" posts on Facebook. Never fear guys and gals, we're here to share a few tips we have learned in our many trips to the event. What to do at VIVA The VIVIA Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender itself is jam packed, so there's always something to do! It might seem obvious, but read the program and get a lay of the land, and the schedule of events and bands. Some vendors put discount codes in there too!...

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Yipes?! Stripes!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Fashion Style

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved stripes. I don’t know what it is that always draws me to them, so today I’ve decided to explore my obsession. Is it the slightly artsy beatnik flair of black and white stripes?  Is it the slick pairing of stripes that matches everything without being too over the top? Is it the contrasting colors in parallel lines that are classic and never go out of style? Is it that it’s a print without really being a print? Is it looking like being in the French navy? I would have to say...

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Where to Find Vintage Style Shoes?

Posted Julie Ann Davis

Many of the blogs we write come from conversations with customers in Cats Like Us... and this one is no different. I often get asked where you can buy vintage looking shoes. True vintage shoes are hard to come by because people wore them out. Often the leather is cracked, vinyl peeling, soles disintegrating, and sizes are short and narrow... But do not despair... there are a lot of companies making reproduction, and vintage looking shoes today! Here are my suggestions for places to find vintage style shoes along with a vintage photo reference. Classic Style Naturalizer has been my...

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Vintage at Cats Like Us?

Posted Andy Davis

We're super excited to announce we are officially carrying vintage at Cats Like Us. It has been a bit of an experiment for us, but we have had so much success over the last year we are expanding our vintage offerings! I recently sat down to talk with Julie Ann about the topic! ~Andy ~ interview ~ For people confused about the difference between vintage and retro can you explain the difference? "Vintage" when talking about clothing, is old clothing made older than 20-30 years ago. So, right now, anything older than 1999 is considered vintage when talking about clothing....

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