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A Bucket of Blood and Popcorn if you Please!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Local

    Bucket of Blood Ok, back to the movies. This week they showed Bucket of Blood and The Corpse Grinders as a double feature along with trailers for quite a few Grindhouse classics. What is “Grindhouse” you might ask? Well in a nutshell Grindhouse movies are exploitation films. Whether it’s slasher films, soft core porn, martial arts, or a little of all of them combined, they usually have low budgets and odd plot lines with strong cult followings. Bucket of Blood (1959) directed by Roger Corman, shot in five days, in my mind, is an amazing film. It combines...

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Retro Movie Fashion : Cry-Baby

Posted Julie Ann Davis Fashion Style

What do you get when John Waters makes a musical that is based in 1954? You get an amazing movie that is full of quirky 50s nostalgia, a (very hot!) Jonny Depp aka Cry-Baby Walker and a whole lot of vintage-inspired fashions. Not only is the movie cast amazing, the dialog and the one-liners have me watching this flick again and again. But this blog isn't a movie review blog--it's a dedication to my love for Traci Lords character aka Wanda Woodward and the inspiration we find from her retro 1950s wardrobe!       In Cry-Baby's world, it's all...

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Retro Movie Fashion : Blue Hawaii

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Fashion Style

There is no denying how much Polynesian eye candy is in Blue Hawaii starring Elvis Presley. This 1961 film is set in Hawaii with lush colorful imagines of the South Pacific, beautiful Wahines and, of course the fashion! Some may argue that this wasn't Elvis' best film, but there is a lot of amazing music and Hawaiian clothing that make it worth while to watch this film! So many beautiful floral dresses and Elvis' panel shirt is awesome! Her blue dress is to die for! Elvis' isn't lookin' half bad in his brightly colored Hawaiian shirt and white chinos. Hey...

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The Weekender 2018

Posted Julie Ann Davis Lifestyle Local

This past weekend was so much fun and it's no wonder, I spent it with the Salt City Belles and beautiful retro and vintage styled ladies. I took a road trip to Syracuse, NY with some friends for The Weekender. What is The Weekender you might ask? Well it's an extended version of The Retro Ladies Day which I blogged about last year.  Friday night - I'm told - was a wild time spent at “The Speakeasy” with 1920s inspired fashion and drinks. I was still at work Friday night and drove out on the rainy Saturday morning with my...

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Julie Ann's Vintage Closet Tour: The Lilly (....Pulitzer that is!)

Posted Julie Ann Davis Fashion Style

  About 15 years ago, WAY before all the Target hype about Lilly Pulitzer last year, I lived in a flat in downtown Buffalo, NY and my go-to fashion advisor was Lucky Magazine. They had a small feature article in the back of the magazine about this woman who worked at an orange juice stand in Palm Springs in the late 1950s. The women would spill a lot of juice on her clothes while working, so to hide the stains she made a shift dress printed with bright bold patterned fabric. Her name was Lilly Pulitzer. This story stuck with...

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Orange Drink: The Retro Un-Cola

Event date Food Lifestyle

While waiting for the Balboa dance lessons to end and the attendees of the Rhythm shuffle event to peruse our wares, I was chit chatting with my mom. She had come to help run our Cats Like Us table and she was telling me about a recent visit to a local dairy. Hoover's Dairy, located in Sandborne NY, about 20 miles from Buffalo, has a small store attached. While there, she was thirtsy and ordered an orange drink. She found it to be strangely familiar and after inquiring what it was, her suspicions were confirmed – it was Green Spot....

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Behind The Scenes at Sweet Heart Pinup Studio

Posted Andrea P Behind the scenes Local

Here at Cats Like Us, we enjoy having in store events that feature fellow business owners, artists, and musicians from Western New York. This February 3rd 2018 from 11am to 3:30pm we will have Destiny from Sweet Heart Pin Up Studio (located just down the street from Cats Like Us) joining us again in-store to book sessions and answer questions for prospective clients. She's easy to recommend -- a real pro and sweet heart herself!  We sat down with Destiny to learn more about her life, what inspires her, and how she approaches photography.   How long have you been a...

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Christian Dior in Toronto

Posted Julie Ann Davis

I always say I am lucky to live in Tonawanda ~ NOT because of the cold weather ~ but because it's so close to other metropolitan cities. Just this past Sunday a friend and I took a road trip to Toronto to the Royal Ontario Museum for the Christian Dior exhibition. While not as big as we had hoped, there was lots of vintage dress eye-candy for the casual viewer that I'm going to share with you. The pieces in this show were donated from Toronto's socialites or they were taken from the Royal Ontario Museum's permanent collection. The Christian...

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Kim Novak is a Cat!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Fashion

If you’ve never seen Bell, Book and Candle (1958) starring Jimmy Stewart, Kim Novak, Jack Lemmon and a beautiful cat named Pyewacket, you must see it now! A dear friend recommended it to me about ten years ago and I’m so glad they did because it’s definitely one of my top classic movies. I’m not one for romantic comedies, but this movie is light and entertaining, and also beautiful to watch. The chemistry between Stewart and Novak is undeniable, possibly because in the same year they starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo together. (Spoiler alert!)   In the movie Novak plays...

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Holiday Shopping at Cats Like Us - 2017 Edition

Posted Andrea P Style

The holiday season is fast approaching! Don’t sweat it - stay cool and do your holiday shopping with Cats Like Us! Do you need a stunning outfit to celebrate the season? We’ve got you covered! This ladybug print velvet dress is a knockout! Add some glittery accessories to be even more stunning!  sourpuss-clothing-ladybug-polka-dot-wiggle-dress, black-fishnet-pantyhose, red-bow-earrings, red-bow-necklace   This chic aubergine number is just the thing for cold winter nights! belle-fur-collar-swing-dress, pantyhose-w-black-seam, raspberry-sparkle-earrings   Keep it casual with this shirt dress - sweater optional! check-oxblood-shirt-dress, black-hula-hoop-earrings, black-bandana, burgandy-piaf-ribbed-cardigan   This evergreen outfit is great for holiday parties! leona-plaid-thrills-skirt, green-honey-cuff-top, bear-with-me-brooch   These bowling shirts are great options for the holidays! ...

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