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The Weekender 2018

Posted Julie Ann Davis Lifestyle Local

This past weekend was so much fun and it's no wonder, I spent it with the Salt City Belles and beautiful retro and vintage styled ladies. I took a road trip to Syracuse, NY with some friends for The Weekender. What is The Weekender you might ask? Well it's an extended version of The Retro Ladies Day which I blogged about last year. 

Friday night - I'm told - was a wild time spent at “The Speakeasy” with 1920s inspired fashion and drinks. I was still at work Friday night and drove out on the rainy Saturday morning with my friend Jodee.

Car selfie without lipstick, yikes!

Our first stop was The Barnes Hiscock Mansion. Just like last year for the Retro Ladies Day, it was decorated beautifully in theme. This year the theme was travel. There was nibbles, complimentary champagne, a full bar, raffles, and goodie box takeaway.

The mansion itself is breathtaking. This is the bar area.

They added more seminars this year, not just a retro hair and make-up demo. There was one on history of the vintage lady and how to look like one, and another on etiquette for hosting a party.

They opened the mansion up even more, and Sweetheart Pinup was on the second floor in her own room taking glamorous photos - on the spot - with props and accessories! You can see her elaborate set up here. The top floor had all the vendors and I picked up some goodies from Dear Yesterdays and Eleanor Boozevelt, but there was so much more!

My new Dear Yesterdays Dress, of course it's orange with cats. You can check out the exclusive Dear Yesterdays that we carry at Cats Like Us.

Hat from Eleanor Boozevelt. Find her on instagram eleanor_boozevelt. I'm not normally a pink person, but I thought this would show up in my hair nicely.


After the mansion, we checked into our hotel, met up with our friend Judy, and freshened up for the Bar Hop. It included stopping at four bars and sampling drinks and appetizers accompanied by The Society Girl, who is the hostess with the most-ess!

 We started at The Stoop.

The Stoop and Judy.

Then on to The York.

Getting a little wild.

Next was Modern Malt.

At this point - starving. lol. I recommend the tater-tots.

Finally we ended at Eleven Waters. After this we were pooped and a little drunk, but there was also a Salt City Burlesque Show that we could have attended that looked awesome from the videos.

 Finally on Sunday we attended Brunch at the Syracuse Antiques Exchange. It was tasty and they have four floors of vintage and antique eye candy to help you walk off the quiche and donuts.

I can't get over this fireplace/ turn table/ hi-fi/ 8 track player/ bar combo.

If you're interested it works and it's $1000.

After this we headed home, but we had another option to attend High Tea. So really this year the event was all about customization. You could pick and choose what you want to attend, what is in your budget, and what days you have free. All in all it was a blast. Jodee and Judy were first time attendees and they look forward to what the Salt City Belles and Beaus will have in store for next year!

 Here is Heather and I in our Cats Like Us best! 

She is wearing the Good Graces Dress & Navy Wendi Cardigan.

I'm in the Abstract Jean Honey Dress.

(Photo: by the Salt City Belles & Beaus)

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