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The First Annual Retro Ladies Day!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Behind the scenes Lifestyle Local Style

On Saturday May 27, 2017 I was lucky enough to attend the 1st Annual Retro Ladies Day held by the Salt City Belles and Beaus at the Barnes Hiscock Mansion in Syracuse, NY. Only a two and a half hour drive from Buffalo, Destiny from Sweet Heart Pinup (just up the street from Cats Like Us) and I felt it was a no-brainer to attend. After all, it would give us an excuse to wear fancy vintage hats and gloves. There was even a complimentary glass of champagne, hors d’oeuvres, and a swag bag from the Salt City ladies included in the ticket price... Now that’s a deal!

My first thought was "what ever shall I wear?" I opted for this comfy cotton novelty print dress from Retrolicious in Mad Hatter Tea Party print. Did I mention it has pockets?! Paired with a vintage 1930s hat, vintage 1940s dolly shoes, 1950s candy dot purse, and my gram’s favorite gloves, I figured this was the perfect look for historical-mansion-tea-party chic! Who says you can’t mix eras?! Not me. I always say: "Wear what makes you happy!"

Destiny and I in front of a beautiful fireplace at the Barnes Hiscock Mansion.

My vintage accessories.

Once there, you can see the mansion is historical. The building was having some construction work done on the front, so it didn’t look like much from the street, but the inside was gorgeous, complete with stained glass windows and stunning woodwork. It was divided into a bunch of small rooms, perfect for exploring and taking pictures.

Front of the Barnes Hiscock Mansion. Photo by Sweet Heart Pin Up.

At the event there was a cash bar, giant food spread, two vendor rooms, a space to sit down and relax or eat, and even a table with fancy tea cups and desserts!

Food spread in front of gorgeous stained glass windows.

Dessert and Tea Table.

Real Teacups! Photo by Sweet Heart Pin Up.

Sitting room for relaxing, chatting, eating.

I was really impressed by the organizers and attendees. The Salt City Belles are SO welcoming and inclusive to everyone, whether you like 1920s or 1970s retro, are a champagne or beer drinker, like your punk rock shaved head or pin curls, they make you feel loved. The ladies really get what supporting and encouraging women is all about. And let’s just say all the girls in attendance for the Retro Ladies Day matched that feeling while looking their best!

All the retro ladies lined up. Photo by Salt City Belles & Beaus.

Upstairs they had a room set up to do a hair and makeup demo. I’ve been doing my own hair and makeup for years, but am always eager to learn new things. I feel that if you learn only one new tip it’s worth it, and since all the Salt City Belles are stunning I wanted to learn everything I could from them!

Before and after the demos they had raffles with great prizes that included chocolates, wine, handmade hats and more. Every prize was a winner in my book and I would have been happy to win any of them.

When the day ended Destiny and I were sad it was over, but the swag bags were a great remembrance of our day in Syracuse, NY. The bags included some of the makeup used in the demo, samples, and little goodies from some of the vendors.


Overall we had a wonderful time and can’t wait to see what other events are in store for the Salt City Belles and Beaus. 

Destiny with her new hair fascinator and me.


Looking forward to the 2nd Annual Retro Ladies Day!

~Julie Ann



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