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Sunglasses for your face shape

We love having so many different types of sunglasses to choose from, but we know it can possibly get overwhelming when it comes to shopping online. "Will they look good on me?", "Are they too big or too small for my face?", "Will they be flattering?". Though we are of the mindset that you should wear whatever makes your heart sing, sometimes a little advice and guidance can help make decisions and clear up confusion. So, here's a little information that we thought would help find retro sunglasses for your face shape. 

What is YOUR shape?

Various face shapes
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If you're not sure of your face shape, you can use a few simple tools to help you. You will need a mirror, dry erase marker and a hair tie or headband to pull your hair away from your face. Using a stationary mirror, use the the dry erase marker to trace the outline of your face, not including your ears. Once you step back, look at the outline and compare your features to the chart above. This is a great WikiHow link to help you. 

 Sunglasses to fit your shape

Oval Face Sunglass style

Oval: Your face may be longer than it is wide, so keep the style proportionate to your face. Round or square frames such as the Wayfarer-like Silver Dove Sunglasses or a rounded cat eye like the Leopard Cat Fashion Sunglasses

Long Face sunglasses

Long: A long face is classified as narrow from the top of forehead to the chin, with rounded edges. Look for oversized frames like the Tort Purrrfect Sunglasses and the Casino Studded Sunglasses to soften and balance. 

Round face sunglasses

Round: Round faces have few or no angles and are long as wide. So create the illusion of length and angles, by choosing rectangle or square sunglasses such as; the Tortoise Melanie Cat Sunglasses and the Day to Night Sunglasses.

Square face sunglasses

Square: Normally defined as having a strong jaw line, a broad forehead and wide chin and cheekbones. Round and oval shapes work on a square face to soften hard angles, choices like; the Black and Gray Hmmm Sunglasses and the round bottom Champagne Point Cat Sunglasses

Heart shape face sunglasses

Heart: A heart shape face often has the forehead as the prominent feature and chin tends to come to a point, so a squared off frame, like the Pink Stripe Charmer Sunglasses or an exaggerated cat eye like the Pinup Perfection Sunglasses in pink can look very flattering for your face shape. 


We have a plethora of sunglasses in our sunglass section, so we hope you can find multiple pairs to flatter your style as well as your face. Now go forth and protect those peepers with some retro flare!

-Meagan Kyla


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