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Pinup Modeling Advice by Cherry Dollface

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Lifestyle Style

Cherry Dollface pinup model advice

She's the beautiful and talented model, Cherokee aka Cherry Dollface! Cherry has been seen modeling everything  from rockabilly fashions from Steady Clothing to being featured in tattoo and fashion magazine's. She has some great and helpful advice for those who want to start modeling, want to grow in their model career or a gal who simply wants to pose for a few pinup photos. These Youtube videos are great resources and great advice. 


-How Cherry Dollface got into modeling

-What TFP/TFCD means

-Using social media for networking

-Be smart: always have an escort on photoshoots

-Contract advice


-Practice posing in a long standing mirror

-Chatting about "pretty" hands and feet in photos

-Advice on standing, sitting and laying positions


-Advice on stomach, back and laying on the floor posing positions

-Tips on what looks good on camera

-Arm and legs positioning

-Ask the photographer how the pose looks


-Best advice: have fun and relax!

-A-E-I-O-U for pinup facial expressions

-Practice in the mirror

-Know your angles


-Show posing with a variety of props and advice like; sunglasses, books, parasol, etc.

-Camera cheats

Modeling Mode Merr circa 2009. Photography by Jennifer Link Kieffer.

I've even done a bit of modeling myself and even with the little experience I have, I recommend having the pinup photoshoot experience yourself, even if it's just once! It's a lot of fun and with Cherry's help you'll have the confidence, knowledge and most the important thing... fun!

Follow Cherry Dollface:

Youtube channel



Thanks for being so awesome Cherry Dollface!

-Meagan Kyla

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