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Every Day Is Halloween - Part 1

Posted Andrea P Fashion Halloween Lifestyle Style

Halloween is my favorite holiday! It’s a day that you can be anyone you want to be. Why limit yourself to one day a year to express the essence of you? You can let your true self shine all year long and celebrate Halloween everyday! Do you love a good scare? Do you enjoy things that go bump in the night? Let Cats Like Us help you share your love of the creepy and kooky with the Everyday is Halloween Collection of our website! We carry spooky merchandise year round!

Witchy Woman

Brew up a brand new outfit with these bewitching accessories!


Hex Kitten Witch Bag Clutch, Drink Me Poison Socks, Fortune Teller Handbag, Black Cat Crossbody Bag, Witch Dot Daisy Flower, Black Widow Pantyhose



You’ll vant to get zese fast - ze are flying off ze shelves!


MINA Black Quilted Bag, Glampire Makeup Clutch, Sophia All Angles Dress, Kiss Me Deadly Handbag, Bat Stud Earrings, Nesting Dolls Bad Girl Scarf



Show off your love of Gothic Horror with this spooky raven dress and bone accessories!


Nevermore Raven Skater Dress, Mini Bone Hair Clips, White Skull Necklace, White Skull Bracelet, Paleo Pins Bone Earrings



We have a variety of spooky t-shirts for spooky dudes! The Tales From The Crypt and Universal Monster Collage T-Shirts even glow in the dark!



Munsters Coach T-ShirtUniversal Collage T-Shirts, Tales From The Crypt Glowing T, Monster Freak T


Vintage Monsters

Do you love old-school Halloween? So do we! Check out these great pieces!


Vintage Monster Mask Skirt, Monster Freak T, Mini Green Bone hairclips, Monster Movie Crossbody Handbag, Dracula's Web Handbag, Creature Feature Handbag


Make sure to check back because we’ll be adding new items to the Everyday Is Halloween collection until Halloween.

Life will be a scream, sweetheart!


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