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Retro Movie Fashion : Blue Hawaii

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Fashion Style

Blue Hawaii moive poster

There is no denying how much Polynesian eye candy is in Blue Hawaii starring Elvis Presley. This 1961 film is set in Hawaii with lush colorful imagines of the South Pacific, beautiful Wahines and, of course the fashion! Some may argue that this wasn't Elvis' best film, but there is a lot of amazing music and Hawaiian clothing that make it worth while to watch this film!

So many beautiful floral dresses and Elvis' panel shirt is awesome!

Her blue dress is to die for! Elvis' isn't lookin' half bad in his brightly colored Hawaiian shirt and white chinos.

Hey Elvis, you've got another sharp shirt on!

And the scenes from the movie make me want to transport myself back to Hawaii circa 1961, with Elvis singing to me. Hehe!

Sigh, some day I will make it to Hawaii Aloooooha!

-Meagan Kyla

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