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What do you get when John Waters makes a musical that is based in 1954? You get an amazing movie that is full of quirky 50s nostalgia, a (very hot!) Jonny Depp aka Cry-Baby Walker and a whole lot of vintage-inspired fashions. Not only is the movie cast amazing, the dialog and the one-liners have me watching this flick again and again. But this blog isn't a movie review blog--it's a dedication to my love for Traci Lords character aka Wanda Woodward and the inspiration we find from her retro 1950s wardrobe!




Cry-Baby Wanda retro movie fashion

In Cry-Baby's world, it's all about Squares vs. Drapes and my favorite Drape is the blonde haired bad girl named Wanda. Her ruby lip pout, tight wiggle dresses, and sassy attitude gets my vote for the perfect portrayal of a 1950s female outcast. We always root for the under dog, or in this case, a gal who is a Cry-Baby girl that lives by, "our bazooms are our weapons!".


Cry-Baby Wanda retro movie fashion

Wanda's Drape fashion also includes; tight pencil skirts,a leather motorcycle jacket, halter style dresses, off the shoulder knit tops, bobby socks and a whole lot of attitude.


Cry-Baby Wanda retro movie fashion

Don't forget about her perfect winged eyeliner, cropped 'Betty Bangs' and signature red neck scarf. 


Cry-Baby Hachet Face retro movie fashion

Hachet Face's wiggle dress looks amazing with that black belt!


Cry-Baby Wanda retro movie fashion

We have to give some fashion credit to a few of Allison's looks when transforms from a Square to a Drape or as Cry-Baby names her a "Scrape": half Square half Drape. Though her poodle skirts and ponytails are cute, she rocks those red lips just as good as Wanda.  Allison you know you're just a bad girl under all those Square clothing! *Wink*.


Cry-Baby Wanda retro movie fashion

Allison's red wiggle dress is Drape-tastic! I love the faux wrap style with the brooch detail.


Cry-Baby retro movie drape fashion

Regardless of whether you're rooting for the Squares or the Drapes, there is no doubt that Cry-Baby is full of retro fashion eye candy. If you haven't had a chance to see this cult classic, you should!



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