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Your Vintage Wedding!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Fashion Lifestyle Vintage

I often get asked, "Where can I find vintage wedding dresses?" Here's a short blog about that (hint: you can find them at Cats Like Us!)

As the saying goes... Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. We can cover three out of four, sorry you can't borrow from us. If you did, we wouldn't be able to stay open!

Let's start with the "old" shall we? The dresses listed here are true vintage, and some may be a little unconventional, but I know if you're reading this YOU'RE not conventional! It's YOUR wedding, so make it your own.

One of the best things about wearing vintage is that you are giving life to a beautiful piece that may be otherwise tossed into a landfill. It will be reborn and photographed with you to live on! Not only will your dress be totally unique, vintage is often cheaper than what you can find at the bridal shops today, even if you have to alter it. 

Wedding Dress

This 1950s Brocade Dress, subtly embellished with rhinestones, would make a stunning entrance at your wedding. It's a classic cocktail sheath dress to hug your curves without being too racy. It even has the original belt! 

Vintage Dress

Here's another brocade lovely, but this time she has sequins and beading! This 1950s Ivory Brocade Dress is a fitted style and it has your beloved pockets! It's missing the belt, so you can add your own to match the bridal party...or not. It's your special day, wear anything you want! Did I mention it has pockets?

Maybe you prefer something slightly newer? Here's a 1960s Cream Lace Dress ~ while still being a sheath style ~ has lace sleeves and a simpler design. You can add gold OR silver accessories, or even just pearls to keep it first-class.

Vintage Dress

Need more of a swingy style? We have it! This 1950s Ivory Flocked Swing Dress is here to please! It comes with its own removable underskirt crinoline, so you can replace it with a colorful one to make the print "pop", that's only if you want to. After all, it's YOUR wedding. ;)

Vintage Dress

This Ivory Bubble Dress from 1961 is a true fit and flare shape. When it came it us, it had the original provenance safety pinned to the inside! 

Vintage Dress

Maybe you want a 1920s style, but don't want to pay for the 1920s true vintage pricing? This icy blue dress is the key, AND it comes with a matching removable jacket ~ great if you're having a church wedding and need your shoulders covered. Take it off and you're ready to party! This 1970s does 1920s Ice Blue Dress is a lace dream! It's a longer style that can be worn with or without a crinoline too.

Vintage Dress

Need something a little more casual? This fire and ice 1960s White Leaf Cheongsam Dress is a good choice. While still being white, it's red appliques differentiate if from other dresses. Add some red heels or a red bouquet and you're all set!

Vintage Dress

Want more of a dramatic white maxi dress? This one-shouldered 1960s White Grecian Goddess Dress will have all eyes on you!

Are you more of a super casual person? This 1950s White Bow Swing Dress is just the thing!

Vintage dress

I'm told that our vintage is reasonably priced, so why wouldn't you shop for clothing AND accessories at Cats Like Us for your wedding day?


Our vintage handbag selection sells down pretty quickly, but we always have a good variety of dressy silver and gold styles to choose from. Starting at only $16!

Here's the most rockabilly purse that ever rockabillied, a 1950s Silver Pinstriped Handbag. It's a one of a kind hand pinstriped bag and the stripes are on BOTH sides and the strap can be doubled or worn long. Perfect for your wedding and every day after!

Rockabilly vintage pinstriped purse

If your taste is a little more subdued, here is a solid 1950s Silver Clutch Bag that can be worn with or without the strap, I love options!

Vintage Cutch handbag

Did you like the sequin dress listed above? Here's your matching 1950s Silver Sequin Handbag to go with it. Only $16!

Vintage Clutch Purse

This nice little 1950s Gold Clutch Handbag can be worn without the strap, so versatile!

1950s Clutch Vintage Handbag

Need a more casual handbag? Maybe a more summery style? This 1950s Wicker and Lucite Bag is a good option.

Vintage Lucite and Wicker handbag

Need your "something new"? Although not vintage, but vintage-inspired, this Lola Von Rose Handbag is another great option for a bag that can be dressed up or down, worn for the wedding and afterward.

Lula Von Rose Purse

Bridesmaid Dresses

It's funny that people tend to shy away from pinks and blue hues, but that's what everyone was wearing in the 1950s and 1960s along with neutral browns and navy. Here's my selection of possible bridesmaid dresses for your wedding. note that this is just a small selection, more can be found on

Think Pink!

Float round like a chiffon dream in this 1960s Chiffon Daisy Dress! The pink overlay will help your bridesmaid to flutter around you to make your day everything you dreamed it would be.

Vintage Brisesmaids Dress

And another floating dream of a dress in this 1960s Chiffon Pink Lace Trim classic.

Vintage Bridesmaids Dress

Maybe your bridesmaid wants a multi-tasker? This 1950s Pink Satin Dress Suit can be paired with or without the jacket. Wear the jacket over a different dress or with a skirt later. Get creative!

Pink Brisedsmaids Dress

Maybe they prefer a more traditional 1950s style? This 1950s Pink Princess Dress is just that! It has a full skirt, 3/4 length sleeve, sweetheart neckline, and it's silk. So fancy!

Vintage Bridesmaids Dress

Are they tall and like maxi dresses? We have a pretty pink one with pearl trim! This 1960s Pink Pearl Maxi is definitely a nice long option and it's easy to wear.

Bridesmaids Pink Vintage Womens Dress

Do you want your bridesmaid to have a little shimmer and shine? We have that too! This 1960s Pink Bow Swing Dress would work beautifully.

Pink Vintage Bridesmaids Dress

My Blue Heaven!

Here's your "something blue"! This 1950s Ice Blue Dress even comes with its own matching wrap! How's that for not having to worry about getting the cold shoulder?!

Blue Vintage Bridesmaids dress

Maybe your bridesmaids prefer to have her arms covered? This 1950s Baby Blue Dress comes with a matching crop jacket!

Blue Vintage Bridesmaids Desses

Maybe they want a more light and airy delicate dress? This is a 1950s Eyelet Swing Dress, perfect for the dance floor!

Digging a more 1960s vibe? Here's a transformer! It's a 1960s Blue Shift Dress with matching coat

Blue Vintage Bridesmaids Dress

More of a blingy bridesmaid? Here's a 1960s Blue Sparkle Maxi Dress that will make them statuesque and fabulous! 

These are just a FEW of the dressier vintage styles we offer on and in our boutique. Don't forget the navy blues and periwinkles!

Already have the dresses and handbags, but need jewelry, you can't go wrong with classic pearls! We have a wide variety of vintage jewelry and many pearl earrings and necklaces.

Pearl Vintage Wedding Jewelry

Want a little "extra"? We have rhinestone earrings, necklaces, and bracelets too.  

vintage rhinestone wedding jewelry

Don't forget the cat-eye sunglasses for your wedding party! They make a cute gift and a fun remembrance that can be used after your wedding. We have four colors available. 

Cat Eye Wedding Party Sunglasses retro vintage

For the cufflink wearing members of your wedding party, we have a small vintage selection, along with tie bars, tie tacks, and many skinny ties

 Vintage Wedding party ties

I hope this helped give you some ideas and inspiration for your wedding. We are always adding new things online and in our shop and inventory can change very quickly, so if you see a vintage piece you want, be sure to grab it as it's only one of a kind just like you and your love.

~Julie Ann





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