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The Lovely Buckminster Cat Cafe

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I knew the Buckminster Cat Cafe was opening soon, as the owner Molly stopped into Cats Like Us last summer and we were in communication about cross promotion. Well they finally opened in November and our family holiday obligations calmed down, so we stopped in for a visit! It was awesome!

Location, Location, Location

The reason it took so long to open is that they wanted to do a cat cafe right, and it shows. I can't say enough good things about this place. The building is in downtown Buffalo, NY and they completely gutted and rehabbed the inside and part of the outside. Even though the inside is small, the giant front windows, streamlined interior, and clean look make it nice and bright. You feel like you're in a much more cosmopolitan city like Toronto! 


The Right Menu

The front part of the cafe is a an actual cafe with a big variety of coffee and tea drinks, nibbles, AND they have local beer and wine! The atmosphere was calm and filled with students working on laptops and people reading. We were running errands on Sunday and ended up getting there a little early for our 2 o'clock Cat Zone appointment, so we ate lunch. Both of us opted for a beer/ hard cider and a BLT. They have a tempeh bacon option if you are vegetarian too! The sandwich had bacon, tomato, mayo, cucumber, and sprouts. It was simple and tasty. After lunch I had a hot tea and they have a nice variety of fresh loose tea. The quality of their cafe is impressive. It's hard to find a restaurant that serves good loose tea, or even loose tea in general!

They have vintage cat planters for sale, along with locally made cat toys and goodies. You know I'm all about the vintage!

The Cat Sanctuary

Ok, so 2 o'clock rolled around and we filled out our waivers. I suggest making reservations online to visit the cats since only five people are allowed to visit with them at a time. The money to book your slot goes towards caring for the cats. Totally worth it.

We were then escorted by the owner into the back of the cafe and through a glass door into a window filled hallway where we hung out coats. Looking through the window you can see the kitties in the cat room. She opened the door and introduced us to the cats that were currently up for adoption. She gave a little info on each of their personalities and what toys they like. I loved this part because it's good to have a little background since cats are as different as people.

The room itself was small and long and made for kitties! It had lots of nooks for the cats to hide and escape if they got too overstimulated, hidden litter boxes, even an open window up high to get some fresh air. There was a bin of cat toys for us and the cats to play with. I was surprised at how active the cats were for it being the afternoon. Maybe my own cats are just super lazy. 

The Stars of The Show

Of the five cats we met, I really liked Noelle. She was a lone tabby kitty just doing her thing. We were told she doesn't get along with other cats. I did notice she was a quiet observer. We got her to loosen up a little and go by the other cats, she even climbed up and perched near them! What a sweetie!

Our hour was up and I left feeling an overall sense of delight at what Buckminster Cat Cafe is doing to help out cats from Second Chance Sheltering Network get adopted.


As for the cross promotion I mentioned above, come to Cats Like Us and get a coupon for a free coffee or tea with the purchase of Cat Zone entry! Just ask! *While supplies last.

Buckminster Cat Cafe
577 Niagara Street
Buffalo, NY 14201


 Me in my happy place...with cats.

~Julie Ann

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