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The Houdini Dress: 6 Ways for Halloween! It's MAGICal!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Crafts & home Halloween

I love a good basic dress. You might think that The Houdini Striped Swing Dress isn't a Little Black Dress so it's NOT basic, but it truly is! I always say stripes are a neutral, especially black and white stripes! Here are the many ways you can wear this dress for Halloween by adding a couple accessories, and then wear later as just a striped dress.

Jail House Rock: Add a cropped moto style black jacket, or just a black jacket, black shoes, the Jailhouse Rock Hair Tie from Krampus Cuties and don't forget the switchblade comb!
Cat Burglar: Meow. Add a simple black mask, some short gloves, cat ears, and a bag of money and you're a sneaky kitty!
Pirate: Argh matey! Get out an eye patch, a red hair scarf, some hoop earrings, tall boots, and hook hand or sword, whichever you're more comfortable with, and ta-da you're a swashbuckler!
Circus Ring Leader: Add a red blazer style jacket, black top hat, tall boots, bow tie, and (optional) a whip and you'll be the star of the show!
Beetlejuice: Be the ghost with the most. Grab a can of white and /or green temporary hair color, and a black tie, then get to teasing you hair and doing you makeup!
Witchy Woman: Honestly to be a witch you don't need any accessories, but for the sake of people that will ask "What are you supposed to be?", add a witch hat. You can always add pointy shoes, a broom, a black cat, a know, things you have laying around. *wink*
This Halloween is going to be different for everyone this year, but I hope this is a little inspiration for you. I wrote a blog a few years ago about some of our past Halloween costumes. You can read it here, I've even done some of the ones I listed above so you can see my version of them. Happy Halloween!
~Julie Ann

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