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Halloween with the CLU Retro Collection

Posted Julie Ann Davis Fashion Halloween Lifestyle

Here at Cats Like Us we are always thinking about Halloween and wrote a blog about Halloween costumes using our Vintage Collection, but now it's time to take a look at our Retro Collection! What fun costumes can we come up with? Well here's some inspiration for you!


Here's the perfect dress to be a Lady Bug! Add some wings and antennae and you'll be the cutest Lady Bug there ever was! (p.s. This dress is on sale too.)

Glow like the blue Butterflies on this Meadow Dress. Just add wings!

Add some Peacock feathers to this already flouncy Shannon Dress and you'll be strutting around with confidence!

Sometimes a costume is as easy as putting on a sweater! Add some ears and you're an instant Leopard! Rawr!

Channel your inner Carmen Miranda with this Watermelon Sweater. Be a watermelon or a fruit basket, and as a bonus, it's work appropriate.

Retro Classics

Wear the Cowgirl Cutie Skirt with a button-down shirt and bandana and you're ready to wrangle in a prize for best costume!

This Army inspired shirt dress is perfect for the pinup look and to show your support of the troops. It's also great if you are in a pinup organization that works with vets.

I'm getting Harlequin vibes from these Pokerface capris, we also have the matching top and mini skirt! Add a little face makeup and you're ready to perform!

You'll be the star of art class when you show up as a Monet Painting in the Christina Pathway Dress!

How about Devil in a Blue Dress? Add some horns and perhaps a pitchfork and you're ready! (Not to mention this dress can be worn after Halloween, AND it's on SALE!)

TV and Movie Inspired

 Wednesday Addams is always an easy look. Don't forget the braids!

Maybe a classic like Beetlejuice is more your thing?

Speaking of movies, Heathers is a dark classic.

Full On Halloween

Are you ready to go full-on Halloween? This skirt can double as a Black Cat costume or just a Halloween Skirt the only difference is cat ears!

Here's a few more Fall and Halloween inspired dresses... 

Don't forget the accessories! We have fun mens and ladies hats, pantyhose, crinolines, and hair ties to complete your Halloween look. For more ideas head over to our Everyday is Halloween Collection.

Happy Haunting!

~Julie Ann




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