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Halloween with the CLU Vintage Collection!!!

Posted Julie Ann Davis

It's never too early to start planning Halloween costumes. Here's a little inspiration using some of the vintage pieces from our Cats Like Us Vintage Collection. What's great about vintage and retro clothes and accessories is that you can play them up for Halloween, but style them different to wear throughout the year! 

Channel your inner Joan Crawford with this 1940s LBD! Add a half updo and a sparkly bracelet and you're a star darling! But please no wire hangers.



June Cleaver was known for keeping the home on Leave it to Beaver spotless in her pearls and full shirt dresses. This dress is the perfect shirt dress to get the 1950s housewife look! (Don't forget the pearls! We have a nice variety of vintage strands available here and for more shirt dresses both retro AND vintage find them here. They are great for all seasons, just add a sweater!)


Jackie O was a fashion-forward lady in her coat dresses and chic style that she made look oh so easy. Here's a fancy coat dress, just add her signature pillbox hat and long gloves and you'll be the most stylish person in the room! (Bonus: You can wear both pieces separately!)


There's no place like home, and there's no dress like this one! Dorothy Gale would be jealous. Just add some red shoes, pigtails, and a basket! 


For a less specific costume, why not try the 1960s? Just add a flippy 'do with a headband. 


For an even more casual look, wear this new old stock tunic top with some black skinny jeans, black sunglasses, and a beret and you're ready to present your spoken word poem at the Beatnick coffee shop. Two snaps.


 Maybe a Witch is more your speed? I've been called worse! Here's a vintage dress complete with lace bell sleeves. Add a witchy hat and that's it!


Speaking of witches, can you do magic? Everyone can if you put your mind to it. ;) How about a Magician tuxedo dress? Add a bow tie, cuffs, and top hat. Don't forget the rabbit!


Tennis anyone? Add a tennis racket, this can double as a Sailor look too! Add a little white hat, don't limit yourself!

Put on the flowing hat like the Princess that you are! Or use this to be a modern Glinda the Good Witch!


 Queen of Hearts can be as easy as wearing this dress. Add a crown and heart scepter.


 Do you have the skills of a leader, why not Girl Scout troop leader?! Like I said shirt dresses are the best! 


 And fellas, we couldn't leave you out!

Generate Hippie Peace and Love by wearing this vintage Batek Shirt. Add a neck scarf, pendant necklace, and your favorite broken-in jeans for the full 1960s Woodstock ensemble.


 A country club Preppy more your style? We have a perfect blazer from 1958! Pair with a button-down and one of our many classic skinny ties with some khakis and the ivy leagues won't be able to resist you!


 Cowboy is a classic and Gene Autry agrees. Add a neck bandana and cowboy hat.


 I was going to go with a vintage idea for the Hawaiian shirts, but I guess Magnum PI is vintage now. Make sure you tuck this shirt into your stonewashed jeans, wear bright white sneakers, and grow out that 'stache!



For funny costume...

If you like food, why not TV dinner? Add a headband with peas and carrots. I guarantee no one else will have this costume.



For a more serious costume....

 Ruth Bader Ginsburg!


These were just off the top of my head, and there's so many more, much more! Use your imagination and anything can be a costume. Wear it now and later and let Cats Like Us help so your costume can be as unique as you are!

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