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Halloween Specials with Sweet Heart Pinup!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Behind the scenes Lifestyle Local

I'm so honored to be surrounded by talented business owners on our #RetroBlockTonawanda, and Sweet Heart Pinup is the place to be this spooky season! 

Destiny ~ the owner ~ encouraged me to take advantage of her Halloween special to showcase some of the dresses from our Everyday is Halloween Collection. They fit so nicely into her set designs!

Before and (Creepily Ever) After

Here's the Strappy Little Black Dress BEFORE and...


Strappy Little Black Dress in the Funeral Flowers Set AFTER


The Keyhole Bow Wednesday Dress BEFORE and...

Keyhole Bow Wednesday Dress in the Blood Red Room AFTER


The Lust For Skulls Dress BEFORE and...

Lust For Skulls Dress in the Graveyard AFTER


Photos, Accessories & Props: Sweet Heart Pinup
Makeup: Julie Ann (me)
Hair: Lauren at Atomic Barbershop & Salon (Another fantastic business on the #RetroBlockTonawanda)
Dresses: Cats Like Us 


Glamour Ghoul Halloween Special

Don't miss this opportunity! Her Halloween Specials are going to fly away like a bat in the night!


Is Halloween too creepy for you?

Don't worry she has other sets too! That's the nice part they are all in one place! Destiny told me, "Every set at the studio took a little over a year to perfect. They all start off as sketches first, then building and painting, then hunting for all the vintage elements. A lot of times I travel all over to collect things for each one. The kitchen was the first set completed and it was pieces of a real kitchen from a house built in 1947 on Huxley Ave. The house only ever had two owners so I knew the state of the kitchen besides a faucet update was original to the home. I even took chips from the original paint to Home Depot to match the paint exactly to its original state."

Here are some outfit ideas for her other rooms...

Army Bunker and Army Dress just go together!


Vintage Kitchen calls for a 1950s housewife look with the Raspberry Plaid Shirt Dress!


For the mechanic set we have lots of Men's work shirts that can be tied in front for a sexy half shirt. Don't forget the pettipants!

Photos, Accessories & Props, MUAHSweet Heart Pinup


You can read our past blog about Sweet Heart Pinup to see what it's like to have a photo shoot there. Still not convinced? Destiny's experience speaks for itself and you can read what's she's all about here. It's not all fun and games...or maybe it is! We had a blast working with her when she photographed our products at the SPCA. Yes, she does it all!

Last year Destiny helped me with a Shining inspired photo shoot, here's a peek. You can read about the behind the scenes and see more images here.


She's truly an asset to have as a friend and neighbor, book a shoot ~ you won't be disappointed!

~ Julie Ann

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