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Cats Like Us Celebrating 10 Years!!!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Behind the scenes Halloween

Cats Like Us made it! After 5 years we thought that was quite an accomplishment, but we are on 10!

We've been through quite a bit. So far we have survived our building being hit by a car, trademark infringement (someone stole our logo), two commercials, hosting many MANY in-store events, fighting to get a park bench out front, finding "treasures" on said bench, being audited, a leaky roof, ten Canal Fests (Tonawantonians understand), becoming part of #retroblocktonawanda, pivoting to sell vintage in addition to retro, winning several Artvoice and Buffalo Spree awards, and much more!

A GIANT THANK YOU to customers, friends, and family for your continued support and sharing us with the world.

In the beginning...

Odd blinds, filthy carpeting, and ceiling furnace was being replaced.


Julie Ann working into the late hours of the night trying to remove a rose print border that was all around the store.


We replaced the blinds with newspaper.


New floor going in.


Fixtures going in.


Cats Like Us coming soon...

You can see the full shop makeover album here.


Ribbon cutting with the mayor, Oct. 1, 2009.


Our first postcard, taken in the shop when the floor was new before we had racks of merchandise in the corner of the men's department, Oct 2009.

All of our postcards.

To celebrate our 10 years in business we decided to have a party at our favorite haunt, The Screening Room. We invited some of our business partners. At our five year everyone was so busy having fun, that we only have a small handful of pictures documenting the event, here are some of the friends that were captured by Rumble Shots Photography Even Frankenstein showed up! 



 Again a big THANK YOU! Without you, we wouldn't be here!

~Julie Ann

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