Vintage Clip Earrings: A Love Affair

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It all started out so innocently.  These things usually do.  I was skulking through shops and galleries in the funky-artsy-affluent Geneva suburb of Chicago with my brother Steve and his wife Heidi.  We stumbled upon one of those vintage shops that are a very organized brand of chaos.  Beautiful, seemingly unorganized gems everywhere with the lack of rhyme or reason that makes you feel like you are on a treasure hunt.  

vintage clip on earrings

There, under a black fedora that featured a pink feather hat, I found my first pair.  Emerald cut stones in a deep mossy green.  A window pane frame under each stone signified the craftsmanship of more than a half-century past.  The emerald cut stones were highlighted with tiny pink stones at each side.  I am quite sure that I gasped aloud when I saw them.  Oh.  Yes.  I tried them on and there was no turning back. They were spectacularly beautiful, but more than that, they were unique, they were special, they were history.


vintage clip on earrings
This was my first purchase of vintage clip earrings.  My best guess is that I paid about $10 for the pair.  I couldn’t resist picking up the companion bracelet, equally stunning, for approximately $15 at the same times.

A new obsession was born that day.  I started to look for vintage clips at every antique, vintage, consignment,or thrift store I passed.  Every estate sale.  Ebay.  Etsy. Pawn shops even.

You can buy vintage clips very inexpensively.  Most thrift or consignment shops have them for $1 to $10.  I have paid as much as $40 for a pair that I was particularly in love with, some spectacular pink stoned beauties.

It is a very rare and special occasion when you see anyone under 85 years old sporting vintage clips.  One great thing about this “no one else wants them” aspect of vintage clips is that people notice that I wear them, and stumble across them when they are out shopping and make a quick and well received gift of them to me.  Oh how I love that!  I have been lucky enough to have my family, friends, and clients bring in their family’s estate vintage clips because nobody else wanted them and they knew that I would love them. 


vintage clip on earrings
These earrings have all been thoughtfully given to me as gifts and in some cases family heirlooms.


vintage clip on earrings
These  “by the sea” earrings are unique, special, and connect me with the original wearer and  a special place and time in history. I can picture Annette Funicello sporting these in Beach Blanket Bingo.  Embedded with real sea shells, these large clips make me feel like summer. These scream vacation and fun.  Pair them with a fun sundress and grab a Tiki drink.  I feel warmer already.


vintage clip on earrings
Not for the shy or faint of heart, these green beauties almost enter the room before you do.  You need to be in the mood to make a strong statement.  Or let them make it for you.  A garden cocktail party would be the perfect setting for the pink ones.  Grab your favorite cat eye sunglasses and voila!  Instant fabulousness.


vintage clip on earrings
These daisy earrings were my favorites last summer.  They just scream fun.  I loved wearing them with a floral headband and a hippyish dress.  Throw on a pair of cowboy boots and you are off to your favorite music festival.


My collection is one of my greatest treasures.  It changes and grows.  I lose them from time to time. They do get knocked off your ear once in a while.

vintage clip on earrings
I lost the mate to this one when I took it off to get the phone within the same area code as my ear.


vintage clip on earrings collection

It is a relatively inexpensive and fun pursuit in my fashion adventures.  And as long as no one else is looking for them, people give them away or I can buy them for next to nothing.  

Lets keep this affair our little secret!



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