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Retro Cocktail Recipe : Green Fuzz

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Cocktails Music

On February 4, 2009 we lost an amazing singer and founder of The Cramps, Erik Lee Purkhiser who is also known as Lux Interior. To say that Lux and The Cramps are a major influence on music is an understatement, their music has spanned many decades from the 1970s to 2000's. Their music is still as relavant and exciting to a young fan first discovering their records through to those who has been following The Cramps since day one. Lux Interior will forever live on through his music, his lyrics and the people who he has and will influence. 

The Green Fuzz is our cocktail of the week that is dedicated to Lux Interior of The Cramps.

'Creature From the Black Leather Lagoon' Elvis bust by (my husband) Derek Hendrickson for me!



1 oz. Bols Blue (Blue Curacao)

2 oz. Orange juice


Shake ingredients in an ice-filled cocktail shaker until nice and foamy, strain into a cocktail glass and enjoy.

*Tip-I added a little club soda to add some more green fuzz!



XOXO-Meagan Kyla


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