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Retro Fashion: Customize Your Own Circle Skirt

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Fashion Style

Customize Your Own Circle Skirt blog

We are very excited as we've restocked all our plain circle skirts in pink, red, black and (the not so plain) black & white polka dot. While I was restocking the sales floor with these awesomely versatile skirts, it got me thinking of all the customization options. With a little imagination, some fabric glue or machine/hand sewing, you can really make the circle you've always wanted (and at a great price too, plain color circle skirts are $38!!!), it's just that simple! Since the skirt is a perfect circle, you can lay the skirt flat out and evenly space the design around the hem or put one large image off to one side or add a large scene all around. It really is totally up to you! 

I can see your thought wheels turning.......Hehehe!

Customize Circle Skirt with Anchors

I took the Red Full Circle Skirt and added some anchors along the hem or you can just add one large anchor for some nautical fun.

Outfits details: Cali Nautical Striped Top, Red Pinup Cinch Belt and Red Full Circle Skirt

Customize your own circle skirt blog red circle skirt and anchors

Now, I'm just using a photo editor, but you can find some really anchor patches on etsy or by searching on eBay. 

Customize your own skirt black circle skirt

For the Black Full Circle Skirt I want to appeal to the gals who love Halloween and spooky clothing, so I added little purple bats to the hem. I also think spiders, pumpkins and owls would also look adorable! I also would personally love to have a skirt with coffins on the hem for my blog's name sake, Coffin Kitsch (insert shameless plug)

Outfit details: Pink Leopard Cropped Cardigan, Black Cinch Belt, Black Full Circle Skirt

Customize your own circle skirt blog Pink Circle Skirt

If you'd like something more basic, cutting out felt into shapes like hearts or diamonds would really add a real vintage vibe to a skirt like the Pink Full Circle Skirt. Gals in the 1950s would make novelty skirts out of felt, making a 'storyline' with different images. Here is an awesome article by Glamour Daze about the 1950s Circle Skirt Phenomenon.

Outfit details: Too Soon To Meet My Cat t-shirt, Black Bow Cinch Belt, Pink Full Circle Skirt

The sky's the limit with these circle skirts! How would you customize your skirt?

-Meagan Kyla


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