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Halloween is Here!

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Fashion Halloween

 Shop New Halloween Arrives 93 days till trick or treat!It's 93 days till Halloween and we've already been getting in some 'treats' to tickle your spooky bone. We absolutely love Halloween at Cats Like Us (Did you know the owners, Julie Ann and Andrew got married on Halloween!?), so we're all buzzing with excitement and anticipation as more and more products will be trickling in! Cats and bats and kewpie's, oh my!

Halloween Kewpie Dolls Sourpuss Clothing

Did I just say kewpie's?! Yes, Sourpuss Clothing has put out the most adorable kewpie doll art. There is the Lil Devil Kewpie Doll Sweater in a beautiful light turquoise, the oh-so-soft Lil Bones Kewpie Doll Scoop T-Shirt and a personal favorite, Halloween is Everyday Scarf. I love that the kewpie dolls are dressed as a; witch, skeleton, vampire bat, lil devil and a jack-o-lantern. Awwwww, too cute!

Shop the look:

Shop the look Lil Devil Sweater by Sourpuss Clothing

Lil Devil Kewpie Doll Sweater paired with a Black Cinch Belt and Red & Black Dot Swing Skirt

Vintage Inspired Halloween Art by Sourpuss Clothing

These vintage-inspired designs bring artwork from Halloween's of yesteryear to the present as the Lucy Fur Vintage Cat Sweater is reminiscent of 1940s and 1950s black cats that were on everything from decorations to candy holders. There is the Moon Faces Spooksville Dress that reminds me of the 1920s Halloween moon illustrations that were on invitations and greeting cards. And gotta give Sourpuss thumb snaps for taking Russian nesting dolls and giving them a creepy cute make-over by turning them into vampires and other ghoulish figures on the Nesting Dolls Bad Girl Scarf. I love the bats too!

Shop the look:

Shop the look Lucy Fur Vintage Cat Sweater outfit

Lucy Fur Vintage Cat Sweater paired with Black Full Circle Skirt, Orange Crinoline, Sheer Vintage Bow Pantyhoses and accessorized with the Orange Halloween Spider Daisy and Orange Sparkle Earrings.

We hope this little preview has got you excited for all the things that are yet to come! What do you look forward to most during the Halloween season?

Stay spooky my dear friends!

-Meagan Kyla

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