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Retro Style : Twin Peaks

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Fashion Style

Retro Style : Twin Peaks

When you say, "Twin Peaks" to people it usually conjures up images of Laura Palmer, Agent Copper and phrases like, "This is a damn fine cup of coffee". The late 80s cult TV show gained popularity due to David Lynch and Mark Frost's directing and writing, the wonderful cast of actors and the odd imagery and themes that were present throughout the show. There is no denying that Twin Peaks was a TV show that should have never been canceled.

Audrey Horne Retro Style Twin Peaks

Something I enjoyed throughout the show is the 80s does 50s fashion that is pure nostalgic gold. The Audrey Horne character was often shown dressed in plaid skirts with sweaters, white socks and saddle shoes, very reminiscent of the sweater girls of the 1950s. I'm not sure if the wardrobe choices were intentional, but it gives a sense of Audrey being a 'good' girl compared to what we find out what Laura Palmer had been up to....then again seems to be part of David Lynch's aesthetic. 

Audrey Horne Twin Peaks Retro Style

Audrey also worn some pretty amazing sweater and pencil skirt combinations. Anddddd, also smoked a lot of cigarette's.

 Audrey Horne red dress

She looked like quite a seductress in this striking red dress with a nipped in waist and beautiful pleating. I also can't help but point out that her eyebrows are on point!

Audrey Horne Retro Style

Can't forget the scene when Audrey eats a cherry while at One Eye Jacks. She's looking like a retro bombshell in this Little Black Dress.


Or when Audrey is dancing at the Double R Diner in another great sweater girl style combo. I think our Burgundy Piaf Ribbed Cardigan would by the perfect Audrey-esque sweater to add to your closet or just take a peek at our sweater section and make your own choice. 

There is so much amazing fashion in Twin Peaks and the Fashion in Twin Peaks Tumblr page is a great way to see all the amazing (and terrible) fashions throughout the two seasons. If you're a fan of all the sweaters that make their appearance, check out A Ranking of All 118 Sweaters Seen in Twin Peaks, it's pretty amazing.

Are you ready for the reboot? Let's hope the 2017 projected launch date comes sooner than later.

"The owls are not what they seem"

-Meagan Kyla

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