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Brand Showcase: Christine's Wild Imagination

Posted Julie Ann Davis

Christine's Wild Imagination strikes again-- It's the brain child of a gal who likes cute things that are also functional. Makes sense right?

Christine's Wild Imagination

How long have you been working as Christine's Wild Imagination? How did you get started wood burning? Do you have formal art training?

My name is Christine Kelemen and I am the owner / artist of Christine's Wild Imagination, LLC . I am a self taught artist who picked up pyrography (or the technique of decorating wood or leather by burning a design on the surface with a heated metallic point) at the suggestion of a friend. My business started almost three years ago and has grown beyond my wildest dreams, thanks to the help and encouragement of my family and friends.

Cutting board with wood burned illustration

What are your main influences?

As a stay at home mom on a budget, I like to have things that are both beautiful and serve a purpose. My pieces do just that. They are pretty and can serve many purposes. Plus, they make nice personalized gifts for people without breaking the bank. I make many custom pieces. Do you have an idea? Just ask!

Cutting board and spoon with wood burned Buffalo illustration

What is your favorite design? How long do your pieces take to create?

My favorite design is henna inspired and can take anywhere from thirty minutes to all day, depending on my mood. I free hand these pieces and use music to inspire line work. They are all completely different and feminine and fun.

Cutting board with wood burned illustration

Where can we look for your work?

I am currently  in the following  stores: Thin Ice, Buffalo  Adore, Terrapin  Station, Buffalo Gallery and  Gifts, My Garden of Healing, 810 Mead Works, Rock Paper Store, and The Burchfield Penney Art  Center. I am the featured artisan of the month in April at Canvas Salon and Gallery on Main Street in Clarence, and in July at the Buffalo Niagara Visitor Center and Airport.

How do you like having events at Cats Like Us?

On April 16, I'm very honored to have been invited back to Cat's Like Us to do another showcase. I enjoy this event because it gives me a real one on one with customers. I like to take in people's reactions and grow from those experiences. I also get to debut different designs and really make it a special show. I'm thankful for supportive business owners like Julie Ann and Andrew Davis. Their kindness and generosity really mean a lot to other small business owners who are trying to grow.


I would like to thank Christine for taking the time to answer a few “burning” questions about Christine's Wild imagination. You can look for her around town and contact her through her facebook page:

More info on the Cats Like Us event:

Cutting board with wood burned illustration

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