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Jennifer Link : The Woman Behind the Lens

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Behind the scenes

I sat down with Buffalo, NY based beauty, fashion and portrait photographer, Jennifer Link, and asked her for the skinny on who she is and what inspires her. I have the pleasure of working beside her at the alternative and edgy Auxiliary Magazine which includes; fashion, music and lifestyle. Jennifer Link is the editor-in-chief, creative mastermind, and wrangler of the ruffians (magazine editors) into making a cohesive publication that has been going strong for 3 years now. Jennifer has a list of clients including; Plastik Wrap, Futurstate Clothing and our hometown heroes, Cats Like Us. Let's see what this sassy gal has to say....

 Store owner and reluctant pinup model, Julie Ann Davis

Cats Like Us promotional photo by Jennifer Link. Model: Julie Ann Davis

Hello Jennifer, tell our readers who you are and your background as a photographer?

Well I'm a fashion and art photographer, and I have been shooting ad campaigns with Cats Like Us over the past year. I'm also the editor in chief of Auxiliary Magazine, a print and online magazine for alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle. While working on my BFA I got more into photography when I switched my focus from video to photo. My undergraduate thesis show focused on young stylish women very into alternative fashion and from there I started shooting fashion and since have worked with many great designers and companies like Cats Like Us.

Behind the scenes at a pinup photo shoot in Jenny's studio




Behind the scenes with Jennifer and Julie Ann at Jennifer's studio. Photo by Andrew Davis

What current projects have you been working on?

Well Auxiliary Magazine is a big project so I spend a lot of time and focus on it. A fun shoot I did this summer was with Cats Like Us for their summer ad campaign which was tiki themed and shot at a custom home tiki bar and lounge, that was a highlight. Right now Auxiliary Magazine and my photography clients keep me pretty busy, but I do hope to one day make time for another art photo series, I have some ideas floating around my head.

Behind the scenes on the Tiki promo photo shoot for Cats Like Us. Photo by Andrew Davis

You have an eye for pin up photography, what is your favorite aspect of the style?

My favorite thing about pin up photography is how it is all about the woman being photographed. I love for a pin up shot to bring out her unique traits and personality. Pin up photography is a great way for a woman to embody her fantasies and embrace all the things that make her beautiful. While a pin up photo is partly a sexy photo to be looked at, it is also partly a portrait of the model. My favorite aspect of pin up photography is that it is empowering, it's not just about the observer, to me good pin up photography is about the observed showing you what they want you to see.

Do you have a favorite pin up model?

As far as a classic pin up model, Bettie Page is a favorite of mine. She has had a huge influence on the fashion and culture I'm interested in. I have been lucky enough to work with many great alternative models over the last few years, many of them are my favorites.


Model: Meagan Kyla. Photo by Jennifer Link

What advice (as a photographer) can you give to aspiring pin up models?

I would say always remember you should model for yourself first and foremost. If you keep this in mind it will help you in many ways... it will help you avoid unsafe situations, it will help you choose the best people to work with by making you keep your standards up, and it will help you get the best photos by giving you confidence and putting substance behind your image.

You're a fashionable gal and touch upon vintage inspired pieces in your own wardrobe. What are your favorite designers available at Cats Us Like?

My attention has been on Hell Bunny and Living Dead Souls as I've noticed they are offering affordable pieces that are still stand out, have a good sense of style, and are a better quality than most brands at their price point. Lately I have been adding lots of Dungaree Dolly to my wardrobe, I've been working to expand my purse collection so I always have a great bag for any outfit. Another favorite is Mode Merr. I fell in love with their designs when we featured them in the second issue of Auxiliary Magazine.

What is in store for you in the future?

I hope in the future to continue to evolve and advance Auxiliary Magazine and my photography. More shoots, more elaborate styling, more awesome locations, more great models and designers, but to keep it honest and true.

Store owner and reluctant pinup model, Julie Ann Davis

Model: Julie Ann. Photo by Jennifer Link

Thanks Jennifer! You can find more about Jennifer Link Photography by visiting:


XOXO-Meagan Kyla

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