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When Jenny Link from Auxiliary Magazine asked if I would be interested in doing a fashion show for their anniversary party, thoughts began to swirl through my head like, "Who's going to model?" "Do I have time to do this?" "What if the clothes get ruined?" "Do I have enough outfits?". After truly thinking about it I thought, "Hell YES I want to do a fashion show!" It’s a great opportunity to showcase what Cat Like Us is all about, retro fashions for today! (Plus I really like Auxiliary Magazine and they are good people who work very hard at bringing alternative fashion to the forefront.)

(Photo: Meagan Kyla)


What happend that night was something truly special, when a group of people come together and pull off a great show and have a fun time in the process. If you were unable to attend because you live far away or were just scared off by the snowy weather, hopefully this will be a good recap, and a little insight into the process.

(Photo: Meagan Kyla)

The models were chosen by Jenny, with some suggestions made by me. I wanted to feature real people that wear our clothes, so they would be comfortable showing them off. As a result, nearly all the models were our customers already. I honestly couldn’t have chosen a better bunch of people. In my mind they are super models and amazing people to volunteer their time and help Cats Like Us out.

(Photo: Meagan Kyla)

All the hair was done by Erin and her gang as Chez Ann Salon in the City. They had very little time, but used it wisely to make big beautiful curly hair. All the daisy hair flowers that the girl’s are wearing are made by Cats Like Us and are on our website too!

Just click on this link to see all the photos of the models and outfits…

What some of you may not know is that I used to organize fashion shows at an old job. They used them as marketing and fundraisers, so I kind of know how things happen. Fashion Shows can either go really well or fairly bad. This one was exciting and I look forward to doing more in the future. Next time I’ll be behind the scenes, so look for me checking outfits, hair, and makeup.


~ Julie Ann

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