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Rockabilly Zombies? Hell Yes!

Posted Julie Ann Davis Behind the scenes Lifestyle

My love of horror movies has never waned, actually the bloodier the better, so when I was approached by Rockabilly Zombie Weekend for a donation, it just seemed like a perfect fit!

Rockabilly Zombie Weekend!

What is Rockabilly Zombie Weekend you might ask? It’s a movie being made by a group of independent filmmakers in Florida. The writer of the film is Tammy Bennett, she sounds like my kind of ghoul. After Tammy attended Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender she thought Rockabilly culture and zombies would make a great pairing and I couldn’t agree more.

What’s it about? It takes place in Central Florida in a modern day setting. A young couple plans to have a rockabilly themed wedding out at the old farm, despite warnings of a West Nile Virus outbreak. Things go horribly wrong when the virus spawns zombie-creating mosquitoes, who are feeding on the wedding guests as well as the other locals of course!

Zombies Heart Cats Like US!

These filmmakers have been doing a lot of fundraising to continue working on this movie and a few weekends ago we donated a Zombies Heart Cats Like Us T shirt to the Rockabilly Zombie Valentine event that they hosted at the Central Florida Zoo. What a great idea to have it at a zoo! I wish we could have made it to Florida especially since the band The Hillbilly Hellcats played. (Did you know we named Cats Like Us after their song of the same name? More details on that here

They just hired a director too! His name is Jaime Velez-Soto. He’s won awards and has worked on feature films, reality shows, and network broadcasting. I’m looking forward to see the final product because this group of people really seem to have their act together.

If you would like to donate something to the cause or even be a zombie in the movie please check out their facebook page and website Yes you can be a zombie in the movie! It starts filming in March 2012, so don’t drag your heels like a Night of the Living Dead zombie, be more like a speedy Zombieland zombie and get in touch with these creative people.


Rockabilly Zombie Weekend


Zombies heart Cats Like Us and Cats Like Us hearts zombies!


Your brain eating gal,

Julie Ann

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