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Behind The Scenes: Kelvis and Viva Las Vegas 2012

Posted Julie Ann Davis Behind the scenes Fashion

This year Cats Like Us will not be attending Viva Las Vegas, BUT look for Kelvis and if you can’t spot her, she’ll be one of the dolls at the Fashion Show. We also featured Kelvis in our ad for the Viva brochure, be sure to check it out and have her sign it at the car show! She’ll be at the My Fancy Fetish booth most of the day on Sat.

Here’s the final ad and some shots from behind the scenes….


Kelvis and the makeup at the pinup photo shoot

Yay makeup, and LOTS of it! (Oh and my giant Earl Grey in the front.)

Photo: Jennifer Link


Kelvis and jessica jean

Kelvis getting her hairs did by the amazing Jessica Jean. Beautiful lashes ladies!

Photo: Jennifer Link


Kelvis and her pinup shoes

Kelvis comes CRAZY prepared for photoshoots. I think she brought 10 pairs of shoes. All I told her was red and black. (I think she likes shoes with bows on them.)

Photo: Jennifer Link


Kelvis and cats like Us discussing Garter Belts before photoshoot

Kelvis and I discussing garter belt stockings.

Photo: Jennifer Link


Kelvis and last minute touch ups at the pinup photoshoot

Jessica Jean and some last minute touches.

Photo: Julie Ann


Kelvis ad for VLV Rockabilly Weekender 2012

The final ad for Viva Las Vegas by Cats Like Us.


A big THANK YOU to all the girls involved in this photo shoot:


MUAH: Jessica Jean


Photographer: Jennifer Link


Model: Kelvis


~Julie Ann

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