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"Monster" Matt Patterson

Posted Julie Ann Davis Behind the scenes Lifestyle

Who is this unsuspecting MonsterMatt person?

I have to say I meet the most interesting people working at Cats Like Us, so many of our friends have started off as friends of customers or customers and MonsterMatt is no different. You'd never know by looking at his vanilla exterior that his love of monster movies is so vast. Horror love is readily apparent through his creative talents, and if you ever want to talk bad horror movies, this is the guy you should have in on the conversation! Now without any further delay let me introduce you to MonsterMatt.


1. Essentially you are an artist and writer. How did it start? Do you have formal training?

I started sculpting and making monster masks, during physical therapy. Say what?! Yep, it's true. I had rotator cuff surgery and I was getting better at utilizing my arm and hand, using some PlayDoh at home, just squeezing and strengthening it. It wound up with me making my first sculpted mask (The Wolfman).


The Cruci-Fried Demon Mask

Writing, I kind of just fell into, by writing vintage monster/horror book and toy reviews for HorrorNews.Net. It led to the jokes in another article, then some short story ideas and the script for Wolff's Run.

Painting, happened by chance on the broad side of a barn. Literally. I painted a Ren& Stimpy character, Powdered Toast Man, roughly 5-6 feet tall, that led to me painting comic book characters in the front window of the now defunct House of Fantasy Comics, in North Tonawanda.


The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Acrylic on canvas board.

Drawing, I've done on and off for my whole life. I still have some drawings I did, from when I was 9-12 or so. Mostly, my versions of things I saw in comics and Mad Magazine.


Sketch of Amy Creature from Fright Night

I don't really have much in the way of formal training, aside from two courses at Buffalo State College, in the Fine Arts curriculum. I didn't stick with it and probably should have. Everything else, I've taught myself, read about or asked questions. There are definite pros and cons to both means of learning.


2. How long have you been doing this?

I started sculpting and mask making in 2006. Painting, I started or restarted, this January. It's the first time, since the early 90's. There's a lot of catching up to do! I've been writing for various websites and my publisher, since 2010.


3. You work in lots of different media? What is your favorite?

I think at the moment, my favorite media is painting (acrylics). I love laying down colors and seeing something take form and evolve after the initial brush strokes.


Filmation Studios Catwoman. Acrylic and watercolor on paper.


4. Your Monster Joke book is corny in the best way. What inspires you? Do you have a favorite monster?


Thank you, I try my Beast. Um,best. Sorry.(Ugh!) Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine had the best little play on words and subtle puns, from Forrest J Ackerman. Mad Magazine and others like it, had much zanier takes on everything, that really stuck with me. Add to that the countless hours of "bad" television, like Hilarious House of Frightensten, Benny Hill, Monty Python, Warner Brothers cartoons, etc. Those are the anchors of my blend of humor.

My favorite monster has to be either Frankenstein's Monster or The Wolfman.


Lon Chaney as The Wolfman. Acrylic on canvas board.


5. What are you the most proud of in your work and why?

As of today, I would say the jokes. Because, they really make people happy (well, maybe someday). No, seriously, whether it's people reading the jokes or listening to me telling them on the Rondo Award nominated 6Foot Plus Horror podcast, it seems that people(Maniacs) love the way I shoe-horn in a gag, with their favorite horror film or characters. It gives them a twist to things they already know and love. I enjoy writing them and keep doing it almost daily.


6. You attend lots of horror conventions, which one is your favorite? Who did you meet that really made your lifetime?

Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear is a great one, with big name horror people and so many of my Canadian friends and family. It was there that I met my all time boyhood idol, Adam West. The Batman. I remember just trying not to faint! If he would of called me "Old Chum" or said ,"To the Batmobile, let's go!" I would have died!!

Monstermatt & Joe Bob Briggs


7. What's your favorite Troma film and why?

That's a tough one. I love what Lloyd Kaufmann does with film. I think The Toxic Avenger, it was the first one I ever saw. Well, sort of saw. My sisters took me to the theater to see it and they covered my eyes during the good parts!



8. What's it like working with Cats Like Us?

I think Cats Like Us is outstanding! I enjoy the retro/vintage vibe and the culture around it. To have a boutique like this, is a definite plus for surrounding communities. C.L.U. ownership has been incredibly supportive of my efforts! I can't thank them enough.


9. What are the future plans for MonsterMatt?

To have a diner breakfast with everyone in the world!

Well, before that...

  • There's a lot of activity surround "Yours Drool-ly"...
  • The comic book script, Wolff's Run is coming out soon, as a horror trilogy comic book. Bob Bieber(artist), Kyle Kaczmarczyk's company Zombie Ink Comics and I (script),will have info shortly. The script will be adapted for a Radio Drama and there are plans for a launch date, etc.
  • The second volume of jokes is coming soon. It's being worked on by our editor and publisher at WestNebBooks. There is a third volume in progress. I'm halfway there. Roughly 225 jokes so far and I really want to hit and go over the 500 joke mark on this one! That will put me somewhere around 1300 -1400 jokes.(Yep,I keep count).
  • I have some comic book art, being included in Legacy of Death's comic books.
  • A new web comic, coming soon on Details to come!
  • More collaboration with Tomb Dragomir (former voice of Rue Morgue Radio)on his YouTube show, TombTV. We came up with a goofy mash up, called Horrorders. Tomb TV is a lot of weirdo fun! A painting I did of a vintage Frankenstein toy, will appear in a book called Rack Toys: Crazed,Cheap Playthings. It's coming from the creator of and .The book hits stores this November!
  • Plus, more acting gigs, I believe. Also, a horror/comedy record. Details soon...

10. Do you have a website? How can people find you?

At the Cats Like Us event, details here

I'm in my little corner of the interwebs at



I write for

I appear on the Horror podcasts:



Don’t miss the opportunity to meet MonsterMatt at Cats Like Us on Saturday, October 20, 2012 from 12-5.

He will be selling artwork and goodies. I personally love to pick his brain about monsters. (Not literally, figuratively, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind either way.)

Also hang out in Tonawanda after the event for Haunted Harbor, where they decorate the boats for Halloween and you and the kiddos can go trick-or-treating. There’s usually a haunted house set up too!


~Julie Ann


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