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It's Laundry Day!

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Fashion Lifestyle



Model: Kelvis Photographer: Bella Donna Boudoir

It's laundry day here at Cats Like Us, so let's roll up our sleeves and talk about some suggestions on garment care! I know a lot of people can be afraid of buying certain items due to apprehension about trying to care for them. So, before we dive into some tips and tricks on how to launder your Cats Like Us garb, we need to gather some items to help us make the magic happen.

The equipment:


Drying Rack

Drying racks come in many shapes and sizes, so no matter what design you choose it's just good to own one. These racks come in handy for drying your delicates like; stockings, bra's, sweaters, etc.


Mesh Delicates Bags

These bags are usually called lingerie bags, but they come in handy for all sorts of garments and are available in a variety of sizes.




No matter what detergent you choose to use in the washing machine, it's good to have a delicate option handy. The delicate type of detergent is going to help with hand washing and prolonging the lives of certain garments.

The Method:


Before we begin the actual laundering process, read the garment tags on each garment. Always read the care tags to ensure you're not going to damage the garment in the washing machine! A lot of times swing dresses and pencil skirts will say dry clean only,but can be laundered if your savvy with special care garments and can identify how to care for certain fabrics. When in doubt take it to the dry cleaner and don't try to cheap out, it will be more expensive to replace the garment than paying a dry cleaner, take it from me I've ruined things with my ignorance. Ultimately, when in doubt (and it says machine washable) wash in cold, on gentle and hang to dry. Julie Ann gives you care instructions on each item descriptions, so go have a look!

Misc. Tips and Tricks:

-The dryer can often be your enemy, it can shrink your clothing, fade color and misshapen garments. Though the dryer is convenient, it can also be the ruiner of the closet! I have prolonged the life of my favorite cotton t-shirts by washing on cold and hang to dry.

-Turning things inside out in the washing machine can help prevent snags and pulls.

-Hand washing can be your best friend, often times the arm pits or spot washing is all that is needed (unless you ran a marathon!) after wearing a special occassion garment. A little water, delicate detergent and elbow grease is all you need! Sniff, sniff, clean!

-Google. Yes Google. When I've been in a laundry pickle, I use the internet to help aid me in proper garment care. Isn't technology wonderful!


I hoped we helped you feel less apprehensive about possibly buying some Cats Like Us fashions with some knowledge that you can do it.....the laundry that is!

Happy Wash Day!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla

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