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Monstermatt Patterson's Book "Ha Ha Horror" Preview

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Lifestyle

Ha-Ha! Horor Monster Matt Patterson
The cover of Monster Matt's newest book, soon to be released!

Calling all you groovy ghoulies, joke fiends, and all those who just love some Halloween fun! Monstermatt is producing another book! This edition will again be chock full of monster jokes and even more of his artwork and drawings.

 Monster Matt Patterson The Munsters Tiki


If you're not familar with who Monstermatt is, well then pull up a coffin and let us hip you to where you can learn about this comic book creator, artist, actor and all-around professional goof-off is all about.

Monstermatt is a local artist who loves bad horror movies and has a great sense of humor about anything and everything that is kooky spooky!   He keeps busy and has produced quite a collection of jokes and comics, and even has a recurring segment on the 6 Ft+ podcast. He is a goof and all around swell guy, and we will have him in the store again this coming week for a meet and greet.

Monstermatt has written one book of truly bad monster jokes, aptly named "MonsterMatt's Bad Monster Jokes: Volume 1". You may notice the title leaves room for a sequel - and it's on the way! "Ha Ha Horror" is in final production and, and will be available shortly thereafter at Cats Like Us! We're super excited and of course stay tuned to our Facebook page, newsletter and website to stay in the loop.

beatlegeuse snoopy


Come Meet Monster Matt!

Join us for our in-store 'Meet Monstermatt' event on Saturday October 26th from 12pm-5pm featuring this 'Master of Scarimonies' who will be selling his artwork and other ghoulishly goofy goodies. Check out the Monstermatt Facebook event invite here! Can't wait to see all you maniacs!!


Follow Monster Matt

Check out the Monstermatt's Cats Like Us interviewvisit his Facebook page, follow him on Twitter and shop for his joke book online at Cats Like Us.

Stay spooky my fiends,

Meagan Kyla

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