My 2013 Tiki Roadtrip

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I am sitting here during a snowstorm, I'm daydreaming of being whisked off to a tropical location with a Tiki drink in one hand and a Tiki drink in the other. Hehe! The winter months are often long and cold in Buffalo, so I like to put on a Mu-Mu (with a sweater), pour myself a tropical cocktail and hula the winter blues away. While I was reviewing my photos of 2013, I realized how much the year was filled with Tiki adventures, which included a trip to visit my parents and sampling some Polynesian delight around Florida. I wanted to share some of my photos and my highlights of all the fun!

plastic pink flamingos. Florida. Jawbreaker Clothing

I love pink flamingos...even plastic ones.

Caffeine Bistro & Wine Bar in Ormond Beach, FL

Derek's and my first stop was at Caffeine Bistro & Wine Bar in Ormond Beach, FL., most importantly we wanted to check out their outdoor Tiki bar called the Kona Bar. I discovered Caffeine by pure luck via skimming through Yelp (online) while visiting my parents. Though this destination was not planned on our small "Tiki Roadtrip", I'm glad we took the afternoon to check this amazing place that was filled with modern kitschy Tiki culture.

Caffeine Bistro & Wine Bar in Ormond Beach, FL

Unfortunately when we visited Caffeine on that Thursday the Kona Bar was closed, but the nice bar staff allowed us to poke around. I snapped as many photos as I possibly could as there is so much eye candy no matter where we looked! I fell in love with plastic Moai hanging lights that were strung across the courtyard.

Caffeine Bistro & Wine Bar in Ormond Beach, FL

I was amazed at how many Shag paintings were all over the outdoor walls! We asked the bar manager and he believes that Shag came to paint the murals himself. How cool is that?!

I giggled at all the angry wives holding knives while their husbands are drinking and watching a girlie show, I think the fez's are a fantastic touch.

Caffeine Bistro & Wine Bar in Ormond Beach, FL

Since the outdoor bar was closed we sat inside Caffeine and ordered a cocktail and some food. The bar manager was tending bar and we got to chit chatting about Tiki spots around Florida. We inquired about Tiki drinks and he made us a Mai Tai as that was the only Tiki-esque cocktail that he could offer. We were a little bummed about the cocktail selection being so slim and the food wasn't anything to write home about, but the interior of the restaurant did not disappoint!

Caffeine Bistro & Wine Bar in Ormond Beach, FL

There was bamboo covered wall, Shag art prints and other various kitschy paintings as far as the eye can see! The owner is a lowbrow art collector and filled this side of the restaurant with a number of pieces that I would love to adorn my walls at home.

Caffeine Bistro & Wine Bar in Ormond Beach, FL

One of my favorites amongst the paintings, the Creature from the Black Lagoon eating sushi!? Hehehe! I wish I knew who the artist was!

Caffeine Bistro & Wine Bar in Ormond Beach, FL

If you're ever in the Ormond Beach ever, make sure to stop by Caffeine Bistro & Wine Bar and visit their Kona Bar out back. We were told that they were working on revamping their cocktail list and I sure do hope so as this place needs Tiki drinks served in mugs to add to the experience!

Thank you for helping me reminisce about warmer times in 2013. Please stay tuned for parts two and three of my Florida Tiki roadtrip.

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XOXO-Meagan Kyla

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