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Mohawks and Side Cuts : A Vintage Hair Styling Guide

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Hair Style

Let's talk about hair! People are often surprised when they see my hair at weddings, dressy functions and swing dances, because I currently have a have a side cut (I'm growing out the other side of my mohawk) and I like to crimp and tease my hair, yet I also love to incorporate vintage hair styles into my look. If you're looking to give vintage styling a try for a a pin-up photo shoot, Viva Las Vegas or just to explore something new, I hope these tips and advice are useful!


retro style hair with a shaved side cut. Psychobilly hair, gothabilly hair

If you're gal like me, who may have an unconventional hair style like a mohawk or a side cut, it may seem hard to imagine styling your hair in victory rolls or pin curls, but it's totally possible with practice and patience. Though your hair will not look like you've stepped out of the 40s or 50s, the elements of; body, wave and/or curl can be achieved with a few tools such as; a curling iron or flat iron, teasing comb, bobby pins, hair spray and pomade. You can create face framing curls and waves that frame your face like the style above that was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor. 


retro style hair with a shaved side cut. Psychobilly hair, gothabilly hair. Pin curls

Pin curling is another way that I get my layered hair into soft waves. This method is a little more involved with sectioning, rolling the hair and 'pinning' in the desired direction with bobby pins, yet the pay off is long lasting. A great blog that breaks down pin curling basics is Pin Curls 101 by Brittany of Va-Voom Vintage, just keep in mind you will have to modify this technique based on the length and style of your mohawk or side cut.


retro style hair with a shaved side cut. Psychobilly hair, gothabilly hair

You may be a little put off when you first unroll your pin curls as they may come out as very tight curls ( at first I felt like Bozo the Clown), but with a soft bristled brush and some light root teasing, you can work with your hair to produce some lovely 1940s-esque waves. I find that using my fingers to help shape and "comb" the hair in combination with a light pomade helps to guide the hair styling process and smooth fly-aways. I give my hair a good spray with a flexible hold hair spray to keep the style in place without looking like I have helmet hair. Hehe!


Some other hair styling ideas I've rocked.....

Retro style hair with a mohawk. Gothabilly hair. Psychobilly hair.

When my hair was in a mohawk style with both sides shaved, I would often wear my hair wavy and would tease my hair up and away from my face. I used the help of a big barreled curling iron and texturizing powder for my roots to give my waves a lift. 


Pompadour retro mohawk hair

A big ol' pompadour is the easiest way to infuse retro style into a mohawk! I would tease my hair sky high with a teasing brush, hair spray and a handmade fascinator hat to add a little vintage glamour into my gothabilly hairdo.


pompadour bandana style retro hair

Bandanas. Hair Scarfs. Hair bows. These are my hair accessory stand-by's that help me to create a retro-vintage "Rosie the Riveter" inspired look. In the photo above, I gave my hair a little front 'pomp' with the aid of bobby pins and hair spray, while teasing the back of my hair up and back into a sort of faux beehive. The bottom photo I rolled a front section of my hair into a faux rolled bang and added a bandana. I've also modified this look by rolling the front into an off-the-face Victory Roll which was a go-to look on those hot summer days.


rolled bang retro style gothabilly hair

A little vintage hair inspiration for those with mohawks or side cuts, but they can apply to gals with short or long hair or for someone who wants a modern take on retro hair. Now go forth and experiment on your lovely locks.


XOXO-Meagan Kyla


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