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Retro Cocktail of the Week : The Kraken Storm

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Cocktails

There is something wonderful about spiced rum and ginger beer together. The Kraken Storm cocktail equals a perfect storm of taste in your mouth. Though this cocktail only contains a few ingredients and goes down easy, I have to warn that the sound of the Kraken (and its mighty taste) may knock you on your arse!


Release The Kracken!

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum is a Carribean 94 proof rum that has a mix of 11 spices including; clove, cinnamon and ginger. The Kraken is a good balance of sweet and dark that is wonderful on its own or mixed into cocktails.




2 parts Kraken rum

4 parts ginger beer

lime juice* (optional but recommended!)


Fill a highball glass with ice, add desire amount of lime juice (optional), add kraken rum and ginger beer. 

Cheers and enjoy The Kraken Storm!


XOXO-Meagan Kyla


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