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Interview : Warning - Awesomeness by Leslie Andrews

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Lifestyle

We are always so excited and happy to have our in-store events that not only bring in awesome talent, but gather people around to support local artisian's. We had the pleasure of having Leslie Andrews hang out with us in May to share her kitschy plates along with her laugh-out-loud framed cat butt art and her infectious laughter. We asked Leslie about Warning and what inspires her creative process.



How did you start making these hilariously awesome plates?

I've had a passion for plates since discovering the ones done by Fornasetti. I saw some one had made their own custom plate somewhere and fell in love with the idea and wanted to add my own spin to add to my collection. Then my friend Joann came over and saw them, loved them and said "you know, you should sell these" and here I am today.

Would you share with us a brief description of the creative process?

The creative process usually starts when I'm trying to fall asleep and my mind starts going over time. I think of something funny or I see a picture in my mind and it must be created.

Where do you find the plates?

Thrift shops and estate sales are my favorite hunting locations. I've even gone so far as to drive out to Rochester to hit up their shops. It's a problem.


Interview : Warning - Awesomeness by Leslie Andrews. Space cat plate


Where do you find all the images?

Gotta love the interwebs! If you can think of it, it's out there.


How long have you been creatively crafting under the name "Warning"?

I would say 3 or so years. I choose the name warning because the real warning is you never know what I'll be doing next. It's what makes life fun!


Do you make anything else under the Warning label?

I have made 50's styled aprons with a twist (really no pun was intended there) which the awesome owners of Cats Like Us have carried in their shop. Life has gotten in the way of time somewhat but would love to start making more of them.


Interview : Warning - Awesomeness by Leslie Andrews. Lots of butt art


Do you take custom orders?

Absolutely! I actually love them because they're extra special; like a sweet kitty plate I made for a client who's baby had passed. Makes me happy to make those.

How do you like working with Cats Like Us?

I love working with them! They are very supportive of local artist and crafters and do what they can to help us succeed and promote our businesses. They're the cats ass!


Interview : Warning - Awesomeness by Leslie Andrews


Hahaha! Thank you Leslie! You can find Leslie at her website, and she shared with us that she will be opening up an etsy shop in the near future!

Warning; Awesomeness by Leslie Andrew truly is awesome!

--Meagan Kyla

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