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Canandaigua Road Trip (Day 2)

Posted Andrew Davis Lifestyle

Here is day 2 of our recent trip to Canandaigua (part 1 here). I highly recommend the area for a getaway!

<img src="//" alt="Sonnenberg Gardens" width="253" height="337" />

Breakfast at the B&B was a 2 course meal. To start we were presented with a fresh cut fruit salad that any polynesian flair restaurant would be proud of!

 Polynesian flair cut fruit breakfast

For the main dish was stuffed french toast, with bacon and fruit. It was as delicious as it looked -- what a great way to start the day!

We only planned one thing for day 2 and that was to go to Sonnenberg Gardens, one of the few remaining estates in the U.S. with a Queen Anne-style mansion and formal gardens.

Sonnenberg Gardens Sonnenberg Gardens

Sonnenberg Gardens 

The 40-room Mansion on the the 50-acre property, was built in 1887. The estate has nine gardens representing many cultures and historic periods including 12th-century Asia.

Sonnenberg Gardens, Canandigua, NY 

A roman style bath (now defunct) must have been an amazing place to be in hot weather.

 Roman Baths at Sonnenberg Gardens Roman Baths at Sonnenberg Gardens

The gardens and mansion make for a nice day of walking, a varied and interesting look into turn of the century living and natural beauty of the gardens. 

This IS wine country, so of course there is a full wine cellar on premises (one of our favorites in the area)!

Wine cellar at Sonnenberg Gardens 

Literally in the cellar of the gift shop building, we had a sampling of all their wines (delicious!)

Later that day we found ourselves hungry again, and went to Simply Crepes on Main Street.


After lunch we drove to an antique store called Cats In The Kitchen.

 Cats In The Kitchen Antiques in Canandaigua, NY  

A reclaimed service station at the side of the road, Cats in the Kitchen specialize in vintage kitchen utensils, fabrics, and of course cat themed items! Of course we loved it!

  Cats In The Kitchen Antiques in Canandaigua, NY

Some of the treasures we found! The sexton cats are metal and painted to look like wood. An incomplete set (missing the large one) but very cool nonetheless.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out part 1 of our trip here!



 Update: You can read part 3 here.




Sonnenberg gardens


Simply Crepes


Cats in the kitchen


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