Monster Matt Monday: What Classic TV Shows Do Monsters Watch?

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Ghoul Mourning Maniacs!

A bunch of us Monster types had a retro TV watching marathon. We focused on the fifties, the atomic age. By the time we finished watching and snacking, I had ATOMIC ACHE! Ugh.

We found shows like.....

Father Knows BEAST!

Dracula was fond of a show called.

BATS Masterson!

The Zombies and the Body Snatchers really liked


The Mutants and Aliens liked


The HORROR fans (all of us) liked

Four SCAR Playhouse!

There was a show about a ghoulish Norwegian family called


What do you call a show combining cowboys and a cursed Japanese videotape?

Johnny RINGU!

What shoe did the Coroners like?

My Little MORGIE-IE!

The Incredible Shrinking Man really liked the show

Movie For SMALL Fry!

What TV series usually played two episodes in a row, also known as a "double header"?

Follow that MANSTER!

We had fun watching and hope you had fun reading! Feel free to share when you gather around the PLASMA cooler or wherever you are.....




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