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Ten Summer Essentials

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Style

Sometimes Summer can be a bummer with the heat and humidity, but we've come up with ten Summer essentials that will help you beat the heat....and look great!

In no particular order!

1)Hair Scarves

Hair scarves are great for helping to keep your hair off your face and neck. They are also handy to throw in your hair after a day of swimming at the beach for an instant hair fix!


It's a no-brainer that sunglasses are a summer essential and having multiple pairs make for great retro summer wardrobe accessories!

3)Cotton Sundress

Having a cute cotton sundress like, the Little Blue Sundress by Voodoo Vixen in your closet will not only keep you cool with it's 97% cotton 3% spandex blend, but it's a great grab n' go summer closet staple! Pair the dress with sandals, flip flops or little white sneakers, so versatile!!!


It may seem a bit silly, but pettipants come in handy during the summer. When a large gust of wind blows up your full skirts and shows your underoo's to the whole world, it can be....umm, a little embrassing. So, covering your bum with a cute pair pettipants makes for one of our summer essentials! 


A cute totebag is a much needed accessory to accompany you on all your summer adventures. Throw in your sunscreen, bottle water, snacks, bathing suit, etc. The Bettie Page Totebag is roomy without being too bulky.

6)Lounge Shirts

They are light and breezy and look good on everyone, so guys slipped into a lounge shirt like the Easter Island Moai Tiki Shirt. These lounge shirts are great for summer events that require more than just a t-shirt, but not as much as a shirt and a tie.


Sweating is just a natural thing that happens, so having a bandana ready in your back pocket or purse helps to combat the moisture when it happens. No need to be embarassed (hey, everyone sweats!) when you've got a handy hankie, especially when it's in a fun color like so many that we have to choose from!!!

8)Tiki Mug

Ok, having a Tiki mug like the U'ilani Blue Tiki Mug may not be "essential", but it's a super fun thing to have.....especially when it's filled with delicious rum. *Wink. Wink* Alooooooha!


For those times you need to "BYOB", grab a flask like the Ragnar the Cosmopolitan Flask. Stainless steel, has an amazing mid century modern design and holds 8 ounces of your favorite hooch.

10)Being on our Newsletter!

Call me corny, but it really is essential to be-in-the-know. You can learn; what's going on in-store, what new products we've got for you and any coupons or discounts we may have just for you! Join here!!! 


-Meagan Kyla

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