The Art of El Gato Gomez

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Hey cool daddy-o's, let us hip you hipsters to an artist who is wayyy out, El Gato Gomez! This gal can sure sling that paint and ink! Her art is out-of-this-world and we're not just talkin' about the subject matter....

El Gato Gomez


El Gato Gomez is wild! She's something else! Her subject matter ranges from animals (black cats, ya dig?) to monsters to architecture to sexy sirens to Tiki, all painted in her own unique style.

El Gato Gomez

El Gato Gomez


All the cats at Cats Like Us give this chick snaps for her crazy art. *Snap snap* We dig it.

El Gato Gomez Heart of Haute

Ahem, ahem. Enough of that beatnik slang, we're excited to share El Gato Gomez's art along with our excitement for her clothing collaboration's with Heart of Haute! The El Gato Jade Stacey Shirt Dress and the El Gato Coral Sarah Tie Dress is now available online! Get your kicks and order now before they are splitsville!

Find El Gato Gomez online:

El Gato Gomez Art



-Meagan Kyla

(Pssssst. We've got more El Gato & Heart of Haute goodness coming soon! *Wink wink*)


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