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Where to Find Vintage Style Shoes?

Posted Julie Ann Davis

Many of the blogs we write come from conversations with customers in Cats Like Us... and this one is no different. I often get asked where you can buy vintage looking shoes. True vintage shoes are hard to come by because people wore them out. Often the leather is cracked, vinyl peeling, soles disintegrating, and sizes are short and narrow... But do not despair... there are a lot of companies making reproduction, and vintage looking shoes today! Here are my suggestions for places to find vintage style shoes along with a vintage photo reference.

Classic Style

Naturalizer has been my go to for years. I stand at work a lot an they are pretty comfortable. Many of their shoes start at a size 4 and go up to 12. Here's a 1940s style they are currently carrying, but they have others that would suit your vintage outfit.

1940s style Vintage Show

Remix Vintage makes beautiful repro shoes spanning 1920's-1950's. I own a pair, and they are the most comfortable sandals ever. I'm a fan of their spectator style, although a little pricey they are worth it.

Then there's B.A.I.T. Footwear that came on the scene recently. They experiment with different styles and colors, often featuring 1960s inspired footwear, many go up to a size 11, and are made of Man Made Materials aka "vegan".

BAIT Vintage Style Footwear

There's Miss L. Fire known for funky vintage inspired styles.

Finally, Royal Vintage has 1920's-1940's reproduction shoes and occasionally Bettie Page Shoes have some great vintage inspired styles.


If you know me, you've seen me wear ballet flats. I wear them with everything and my favorite ones come from Aerosoles. They have a cushioned flexible sole that looks like a honeycomb.

Saddle Shoes & Penny Loafers

You can't go wrong with Bass saddle shoes and penny loafers. I have swing dance friends that swear by them. They transcend time and are a classic worn by men and women from the 1930s through today AND the loafers come in tons of different colors!

Saddle Shoes

Penny Loafer Vintage Shoes

Penny loafers are a great vintage style shoe


Keds and Converse sneakers are equally as comfy and come in a variety of colors too. They are for more of a casual vintage look.

They are so comfortable even the gangs in West Side Story danced in them!

I hope this helps you find the right pair for your outfit!

~Julie Ann

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