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Retro Fashion: Origins of the Peter Pan Collar

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Fashion Style

Retro Fashion Origins of the Peter Pan Collar Cats Like Us Blog

I am a huge fan of the Peter Pan collar and 1960s fashion, but I was always curious as to how the rounded collar got its name. Though very similar collars have been dated back since the 1640s, I wanted to know how my beloved crisp white collar was given it's name. Could it be..... 

(Pictured above; Meow of Never Dress and Alice in Wonderland Dress)

Maude Origin of Peter Pan collar

Named in direct relation to the fictional character we all know and love? Why yes, yes it was! The collar on the costume was named after actress Maude Adam's stage costume in her 1905 role as Peter Pan. Due to audiences loving Maude's performance as the 'I never want to grow up' child-like character, her costume's collar made a major influence on turn-of-the-century fashion all the way through to modern day. Wow, it was that simple huh? 

Patty Boyd in a Hard Days Night movie School Girl Look

Pattie Boyd's role in the 1964 Beatles movie, A Hard Day's Night, spawned the popular 'school girl look' that included Peter Pan collars. 

Peter Pan collar 60s vintage fashion

The collars could be found on crisp white blouses, mini dresses, sweater sets and coats. Side tangent-need to point out the gals beehive hair (on the left) is epic!

 Psychedelic Peter Pan Collar Dresses

Peter Pan collars even made their way onto amazing late 60s psychedelic shift dresses. As the ad states, with dyed shoes to match!

Peter Pan Collars available at Cats Like Us

Peter Pan Collar dresses at Cats Like Us

Can't get enough of Peter Pan-like collars? Look here to see what peter pan collared dresses we have in stock.

Salute to a collar that is loaded with lots of vintage history and looks great on a variety of clothing styles!


-Meagan Kyla

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