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Burlesque, The Tease, and Cats Like Us

Posted Andrea P

BurlyCon convention Seattle WA

What do you think of when you hear the word “burlesque”? I think of confident women (and men) using their bodies to express themselves and perform for enthralled audiences. Burlesque has been popular in America since the 1860s - that’s nearly 200 years of moving and shaking!
Bon Ton Burlesque

One of my favorite parts of burlesque is the elaborate costumes the performers put together. Burlesque fashion has gone through many changes throughout the years, from loose robes and veils to petticoats and corsets. One of the enduring images of the Jazz Age is of Josephine Baker dancing in a banana skirt (and little else). 

Some performers do entire acts using giant fans made of feathers to cover their bodies. Lili St. Cyr (who was name dropped in Rocky Horror Picture Show) had an act called “the Flying G” that involved a stagehand using a fishing pole to remove her G String and send it flying offstage as the lights went out!

Are you in the market for accessories for your burlesque routine?

Cats Like Us has got you covered! Pettipants and Crinolines are a great foundation garment that you can use with different costumes!

Pettipants and crinolines
Black pettipants - Raspberry pettipants - Basic-red-crinoline

Thigh Highs are a great option because you can take them off one at a time to prolong the tease.

Red-sheer-seam-thigh-high -  Dot-w-lace-thigh-high-pantyhose - Stay-up-fishnet-thigh-high


Use Gloves, Scarves, and Hair Flowers to complete your outfit!

 Hair flowers complete your outfit 
Pink-short-sexy-satin-gloves - Retro-diamonds-bad-girl-scarf - crossbones-hair-clips - 

Pink-floral-netting-fascinator - Tiger-50s-neck-scarf

BurlyCon Convention

Are you interested in learning more about burlesque fashion and performance? Look no further than BurlyCon! Celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary, this convention is THE place to learn about burlesque and honing your craft. BurlyCon is the only burlesque education convention in the US. Burlycon says, In addition to Toni Elling and Dee Milo gracing our convention hall we are excited to have our invited guests: Ray Gunn, Bazuka Joe, Poison Ivory, Sweetpea, Willy Barrett, World Famous *BOB*, Lola Frost, and April O’Peel.” You can take courses, perform your act for a panel of your peers, and mingle with other burlesque performers and admirers! Sign up today and shimmy yourself to Seattle November 9th to the 12th.

 BurlyCon convention Seattle WA

Burlycon Poster by Lady Love -




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