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Retro Style : The Versatility of the Little Black Dress (LBD)

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson

Coco Channel 1926 LBD Vogue

Coco Chanel first introduces the (LBD) Little Black Dress in Vogue Magazine in 1926. The LBD was simple and accessible to women of all social and economic classes. The dress signifies everything from grace and elegance to femme fatale and danger. It's been a staple and a classic for a great reason, it's for every woman. 

The versatility of the Little Black Dress is astonishing!

 Emily Flounce Dress by Steady Clothing LBD styling

The Emily Flounce Wiggle Dress by Steady Clothing is the perfect combination of classic retro silhouette mixed with modern versatility. The dress can be styled in numerous ways thanks to the black and white colorway. Many different types of accessories can be worn with the Emily dress in a variety of color combinations and patterns, like a bright blue in the Sparrows Bad Girl Scarf and the Blue Sonic 57 Tiny Tote Bag, paired with a little black and blue sparkle like the Midnight Dangle Earrings by Match Accessories.

Another way to style the dress is to bring out the white accents with white jewelry like pairing the; White Bead Necklace, White Double Bead Earrings and the White Bead Bracelet, all of which are $10 and under!

Black Velvet Coco Dress

The Black Coco Velvet Dress is the perfect canvas to mix brightly colored shoes (by B.A.I.T footwear) with patterned hosiery like; Leopard Net Pantyhose, Sheer Polka Dot Pantyhose or the Sheer Vintage Bow Pantyhose. Mixing and matching shoes and hosiery can reinvent a LBD over and over again!

1940s Rosina Dress styled with patterned handbags

A very simple, yet a personal favorite way of styling a Little Black Dress is with a statement handbag. I've paired the Black Rosina 1940s Swing Dress with the Japanese Lucky Cats Handbag in red or the dress will look great with the Lime Kitten Tufted Handbag in lime green sparkle and plush leopard print. 

The wonderful thing about any of these dresses is that you can style them to your personal fashion tastes. Think of a LBD as a blank canvas and let your imagination go wild!



Our customer Destiny looking gorgeous in the Long Sleeve Diva Dress by Steady Clothing. 

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-Meagan Kyla

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