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Retro Hair: Style Ideas For A Turban

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Hair Style

retro turban style ideas

"The Turban came into style starting in 1936 and were consider the hat style of fashionable American women in 1940 according to Vogue. It was a style that could be high fashion or low fashion depending on materials and decorations. At its simplest it was a long piece of fabric knotted at the forehead and tucked back under to form a wide bow." -Vintage Dancer

The turban hat being in fashion during the wartime era of World War II was bore out of necessity. Often, a turban was worn by factory workers to keep their hair off the face and away from dangerous machinery. Turbans also concealed pin curls and dirty hair when there was a lack of water during bombing raids in Europe. This seemingly simple accessory had multiple uses and has quite an interesting history!

The turban is such a versatile and classic hat style that has come in and out of 'style' with the mainstream, but is an accessory that has stayed a classic adornment in the world of retro fashion. We are excited to share some style ideas for the new Hair Wrap Turbans that we added to the shop!

Classic Retro Turban Style

The Black Hair Wrap Turban is great, because there is no folding or tying. The pleated turban hat is made of polyester with a light stretch, so it just fits over your head as if you were pulling on a winter hat. The stretch along with the pleating allows you to lower the turban onto your forehead or position is back further to expose some bangs and/or face framing layers. Pop it on and it's instant 40s retro chic!

Black Hair Wrap Turban with brooches

A personal favorite way to style a turban hat is with brooches. Adding some bling like the Feather Rhinestone Brooch Pin to the side of the turban or attaching a brooch like the Red Atomic Rhinestone Brooch Pin to the front is reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamazon's like Carmen Miranda. I would also like to point out that wearing extra large rhinestone earrings like the Red Atomic Rhinestone Earrings not only match the Red Atomic Rhinestone Brooch, but add a little extra drama to wearing a Hair Wrap Turban. *Wink*

Meagan Kyla hair turban styles

I have shorter hair, so when I wear my turban I style my bangs into a spit curl (upper left photo) or style the sides of my hair around the turban to create a nice face framing silhouette. Or (to be frank) I wear a turban to cover up my roots. Hahaha!!!
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You also can style the front of your hair with Victory Rolls or bumper bangs, or if you have medium to long length hair, you can curl your hair and style around the turban.

There are so many ways to wear and accessorize a turban hat, but the most important thing you need to know is that it's super easy and fun to wear!

Vintage turban ad

 -Meagan Kyla

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