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Living Dead Souls : Cute and Creepy!

Posted Meagan Kyla Hendrickson Fashion

Calling all you groovy ghoulies, dapper cadavers and zombified pin ups, Living Dead Souls is just the ticket to infuse your 'creature of the night' tastes with a retro appeal. Living Dead Souls is usually found amongst most clothing retails of the gothic or punk persuation, but Cats Like Us doesn't leave the gothabilly's out (oh yes, we do exist!). So step right up to check out these styles to please.

Let's set the mood with some music, shall we....

Now that the Cult of the Psychic Fetus has got you dancing in your crypt and rattlin' those bones, I want to share some creepy styles from Living Dead Souls for both ghouls and ghoulina's.

living-dead-souls-skull-scroll-western-shirt-1.jpg            living-dead-souls-skull-scroll-western-shirt-4.jpg

The Skull Scroll Western Shirt is a perfect example of taking a classic western yoke style shirt and infusing it with some goth sensibilities. The black and white skull pattern adores the yoke (front and back!) and pocket flaps, making this shirt a very stylish mens shirt and versatile for a variety of events. Pair this with the Up to Bat Belt Buckle by MobTown Chicago for added spooky ooky goodness.

living-dead-souls-pinstripe-contrast-shirt-1.jpg     living-dead-souls-pinstripe-contrast-shirt-2.jpg

I'm really excited about the Pinstripe Contrast Shirt by Living Dead Souls. This long sleeve button snap shirt has pinstripes on the yoke, pockets and details on the sleeve. The modern western style is an eye catching alternative to a plain boring dress shirt and I love men in pinstripes! Try pairing this with the Black Corduroy Fedora by Hollywood Mirror and Frankie Monster Mens Socks by Sourpuss Clothing for an added 'pop' of color.

I think Ghoultown needs to shop at Cats Like Us ;)

living-dead-souls-skull-scroll-darling-dress-1.jpg   living-dead-souls-skull-scroll-darling-dress-4.jpg

The Skull Scroll Dress is on my personal, “I need this” list. They took the same scroll-y swirls skull print fabric from the mens Skull Scroll Western Shirt and made a perfect little wiggle dress. I'm digging that this dress is made of stretch cotton and is elegantly trimmed in black. This dress features lightly padded cups and it zips in the front, how cool is that?! This is a very well constructed dress and in my opinion a great value, don't miss out! Try accessorizing with the Bride of Frankenstein Hair Bow by Original Cenz, Dearly Departed Cameo Necklace by MobTown Chicago and don't forget the matching purse....


I'm not normally an advocate for the idea of having everything in an outfit match, but the Skull Scroll Handbag by Living Dead Souls just looks so neat paired with the Skull Scroll Dress. The black detailing breaks up the pattern on the bag, and the longer shoulder strap makes it easy to throw on your shoulder during shows or when you're creeping around town with your gal pals.  


If you're not into the matchy-matchy look, try pairing the Skull Scroll Dress with the Midnight Hook Shoulder Bag. The grommets really make this bag look tough! Check out the Immortalis Wallet by Folter, which compliments the bag and gives a playful matching nod to the Skull Scroll Dress.


At the other end of the spooky spectrum of Living Dead Souls is the Red Dice Gingham Dress, which is very cute! The gingham pattern is made up of little dice and the dress has a nice sateen feel to it. The front bow screams adorable and the babydoll cut is flattering on all body types.

Living-dead-souls-spade-skull-burst-cardigan-2.jpg  Living-dead-souls-spade-skull-burst-cardigan-3.jpg 

The Spade Skull Burst Cardigan would look fabulous paired with the Red Dice Gingham Dress. I like the color palate of this cardigan as the red, black and white colors makes matching with other items in your closet a breeze! Oh and don't forget the sweater clip, try on the Black and True Red Sweater Clip by Lil Darlin Accessories to bring out the red in the sweater.


Hey look, a matching purse! We can't get enough of the gingham dice print that Living Dead Souls has been dishing out. The Black Dice Gingham Handbag shares the same embroidered skull spade patch as the cardigan (pictured above) and the outside four pockets of the purse really sold me, as I'm a girl who needs easy access to my cell phone and keys.


The Cats Like Us crew have more Living Dead Souls items coming to you, so stay tuned and keep on checking the Living Dead Souls section of the website or the new arrivals section.


If you're interested in some more bands in the gothabilly genre check out:

Stay groovy my ghoulies!


-Meagan Kyla 

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